Presentation on CPE


September Updates

  1.  Celia spoke at the Intergenerational Forum at the Baguio City Hall on September 8th, on grandparenting. It went very very well, and it will be followed up by a seminar she will be given at DSWD on September 18th on parenting.
  2. Doc Paul’s CPE group is in the middle of their training. Celia’s group will start at the end of this month. However, some of them have already started working on their requirements.
  3. October will be the time of our annual board meeting. This is an important time to review, assess, and plan.
  4. Upcoming trainings in November with Dr. Raymond Lawrence (CPSP general secretary) and in January with Rev. Debbie Miller (APC-certified chaplain).
  5. We have had fruitful discussions with BCYA (Baguoi Council for Young Adults) that include some opportunities for chaplaincy training with them, as well as some training opportunities.

If you have any questions, email us at or text us at 0916-557-9549.

Below are a few pictures from the Intergenerational Forum

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October 2014. (Recent) Past, Present, and Future

Recent Past.

1.  Bob and Celia just got back from a trip to Korea… working with “The Love C Center” in Ansan City. Celia led Disaster Response Chaplaincy Orientation training, while Bob taught Introduction to Missiology. Add to that speaking at a seminary and a military base, and visiting the Imperial palace grounds, it was quite a trip. We are working with some up there in expanding clinical pastoral care in Korea. The present CPE/T in Korea is limited to hospitals. Friday B

2.  Jehny and Becky attended the Parents Congress… in Baguio… a yearly partnership of the SLU Sunflower Children’s Center, and Child and Famly Services.


1. Cori, Becky, and Jehny are at the weeklong symposium  arranged by the Ruth Foundation in Alabang for Palliative Care, “Leadership for Hope”.


2.  Dr. Paul Tabon is still in Korea and will stay for a few more weeks to, among things, teach pastoral care for students at the SEE center there.


1.  October 17-19, the Pastoral Care conference at Linden Suites will be going on  with at least two from our staff attending… along with many friends of our group.

2.  December.   We are looking to have meetings and possible training seminars with Dr. Raymond Lawrence, general  secretary of CPSP. We are presently working on some partnership issues between CPSP-PI and CPSP. Hopefully, most of this can be worked out and formalized by then.

3.  January 19. Expected start of Half Unit of CPE in Baguio.

4.  Mar 23. Expected start of Summer Intensive full unit of CPE.

April 2014 Updates

A lot going on. Here is some.

1. Our Disaster Response team (partnership of PBTS and Bukal Life Care) is continuing its work in the Visayas particularly with Stress debriefing. They will return to Baguio on April 9th.

2. March 24. Bukal Life Care (led by Cori and Jehny) are training AV-STM missionary trainees in “Basic First Aid” and “The Baggage Cart.” AV-STM will send out its “STMers” in April.

3. March 26. We start CPE 2014 Summer Intensive.

4. March 31. Didactics start CPE. Monday (March 31), we will be presenting an Introduction to Pastoral Care. The focus will be on (1) The roles of pastoral care from a historical standpoint, (2) an overview of the Clinical Pastoral Care movement, and (3) present models for relating psychology and theology in counseling. It will start at 8:30am and continue until 11:30am. Although this seminar is primarily for CPE trainees as their first Didactic, others are welcome to join if they wish. It will be held at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, Baguio City. There is no charge, but we would appreciate letting us know if you are attending. Text 0933-302-0373.

September 2013 Updates

1.  Clinical Pastoral Education.  Batch 3 completed in mid-August, with 3 graduates. Batch 4 started on September 9th with 6 trainees. One is working on first unit, the others are working on 2nd or 3rd. Batch 5 (the final batch for 2013 is expected to start November or December.

2.  BOT meeting. October will be our annual board meeting. Actual date TBD.

3.  Farrell Symposium. The Annual Farrell Symposium is tentatively scheduled for October 25th at Philippine Children Medical Center in Quezon City. Speakers are expected to be Dr. Cesar Espineda and Chaplain Barbara McGuire.

4.  CPSP. Congratulations to Padi Pinit Caytap as the convener of the newest CPSP Chapter— Resurrection. That brings the number of chapters in the Philippines to 5. A 6th is in the process of being formed in Manila.

5.  Sunflower Children Center. In August we had a nice visit with Fr. Acosta and staff at Sunflower Children Center. They do a wonderful job in helping children in greater Baguio. 6 of our team were able to join a training on DSM-5 as it pertains to children. It was hosted by Sunflower. We look forward to continued opportunities to support each other.

That’s enough for now. But keep checking!




We have been getting some inquiries regarding residential counseling and care services. So as a point of clarification:

1. We do not have residential services. Our present services are limited to outpatient counseling in Baguio and Manila (and soon to add Bacolod). Questions regarding outpatient counseling sessions may be made to 0933-302-0373.

2. Additionally, we do chaplaincy services as part of our CPE and CPO programs at a number of places. These include (but are not limited to) hospitals (such as Benguet General Hospital, Baguio General Hospital, and Philippine Children’s Medical Center) and detention centers (such as Baguio City Jail).

3. We should note that we are in the VERY EARLY stages of discussion regarding setting up a Residential Counseling Center in the Baguio City area. However, it does not exist at this time and cannot promise when (or if) it will be done.