We get questions of one sort or another. For specific questions, you can go to our Contact Us Page HERE.

Additionally, we already have a page for CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) Frequently Asked Questions. If you haven’t found it already, you can check it out HERE.

Here are a few others. Some questions are answered scattered around othe places, but I will collect a number of them here.

What are your hours of operation?

Well… it is like this. Our team is about 5 or 6 unpaid volunteers. All of us are involved in different ministries or  activities. As such, we don’t have really specific operation hours. Since our office is also the academic office of Dr. Bob and Celia Munson at the seminary, we are open when they are holding office hours. Beyond that, our volunteers are generally there when they are teaching or counseling. As such, we STRONGLY recommend contacting us by text, phone, email, or contact page, and set up an appointment.

Do you charge for counseling services?

No. We used to suggest a donation of P350 for one hour. And some people would do that. However, generally we have sought to work with people who can’t afford paid services, so we never go very interested on the money side of thing. As we said, we are volunteers and we generally prefer that.

Do you charge for training services?

It depends. We charge for Clinical Pastoral Education. We charge for Clinical Pastoral Orientation. We charge for SIT supervision. Frankly, however, we have never turned anyone away because of money (that I can recall). We don’t charge for seminars normally. If we do, it is a small amount to cover cost of training materials, snacks, or certificates. Ultimately, that depends.

Do you do formal evaluations, psychometric or legal, of patients?

Basically…. No. It is not completely clear whether we can or not. Life is much simpler if we assume that we can’t. See the next question for greater info.

Are we under the Philippine Regulatory Commision (PRC) licensing?

Okay. only a few ask this directly. But a lot of other questions are indirectly linked to this. Republic Act (RA) 9258 is the “Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004.” It professionalizes the terms Guidance Counselors, Counseling, Psychomatricians, and Counseling Center. The system works through Psychology and GC programs in the more… secular side of things. We have spoken with PRC about this previously. They noted that RA 9258 was not intended to address legal status of “Pastoral Counseling” or “Spiritual Counseling.” Additionally, they did say that those who have been trained in pastoral counseling can seek to go through the licensing process for Guidance Counselor. We have chosen, up to this point, not to worry about that since most of the advantages of this, such as charging money, is not really our focus. We do have a couple of members who were trained in the Psychology and Guidance Counselor side of things and then decided to train and work with us on the Pastoral ministry side of things. Despite having RGCs (Registered Guidance Counslors) with us, we have chosen not to go through the route of become an RA 9258 (non-pastoral) counseling center.

The issue is even more clear with RA 10029, “An Act to Regulate the Practice of Psychology.” It regulates the terms psychology, psychologist, and psychotherapy. We simply don’t go there. Again, we have colleagues with Psychology degrees. We work with them and we do referrals to them. We don’t take on that role ourselves. It is true that we are certified under CPSP– The College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy. CPSP has certification for “Pastoral Psychotherapy.” CPSP uses the term “psychotherapy” as it is used in the United States, not the Philippines. But we don’t use the term psychothary— not even the term “pastoral psychotherapy.”

I am sorry that that question went long… but it is complicated. Basically, we work on the religious/theological side of things. That is not to say that we ignore psychology. Not at all. But we don’t seek licenses or certification in that. We believe there are other organizations that will focus on that sort of service.