Clinical Pastoral Education

The Center for Clinical Pastoral Education provides CPE training based in Baguio City on the campus of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. We work with a number of hospitals and jails as practical ministry sites.  Our CPE adopts the standards and is accredited by the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP) of New York, USA.

Typical cost is P14,000 for a full unit, P7,500 for a half unit. The cost includes tuition, administration, and supervision. Prices are subject to change.

Additionally, Hospital Volunteer Orientation is P300 and Intro to Pastoral Care is P2500. (These last two are certified by Bukal Life Care, not CPSP).

The CPE program is part of a larger training and certification program. The CPE units and SIT program are CPSP certified. The hospital volunteer and pastoral care programs are Bukal Life Care certified.

PC Training Program

CPE is a method of learning and strengthening pastoral competence while serving as a chaplain to persons in crisis in a variety of settings. We offer placements such as hospitals, social service agencies, congregations and prisons.

Qualified students will receive credits/units from Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (PBTS) academic equivalent for our services.

Cell Phone: 09333020373    or    09165579549

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5 thoughts on “Clinical Pastoral Education

    • CPE is a training program for chaplains, especially hospital chaplains. The hospital where we do our practical training is the Philippines Children’s Medical Center in Quezon City. We presently have 13 trainees working there. Most of the counseling we do in Manila (particularly) is tied to the practical training at the medical center (although we do have a couple of counselors who do some regular counseling work in Manila). At our center in Baguio, we have done some training and ministry work with special needs children and adults (and we are beginning to work with the DSWD on small scale in this area), but I cannot pretend that we have expertise in this area… yet. Hopefully in the future.


  1. I would like to know when will be the next batch of CPE for this year 2014, either 10-14 weeks or 24 week. Thank you and God Bless.


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