Training Week Done

Finished Training with Students Leaders from Baguio Patriotic School. Over 150 students between grade 4 and 4th year were there. Great time.  Photos are available on Facebook for “Bukal Life Ministries”.

Preparing for pastoral care (CPE) trip to Sagada, August 2 – 6.


Values and Leadership Training

We are working with Patriotic School in Baguio in doing values and leadership training with students leaders. We have  worked on spiritual emphasis training at Union International School earlier this year, but this will be different. It will be July 27-30. Should be a wonderful opportunity to reach out and help the next generation.

Open for Business

Starting about three weeks ago, we started accepting clients for Christian counseling in Baguio City. We have been doing training and CPE for several months now, but counseling services and psychometric services are intentionally the last to bring up to speed. We will continue to work towards 100% operation in preparation for our “grand opening” this Fall.

If you wish to talk to us in Baguio, call us at (074) 305-5605.

Upcoming Events

August 16 – October 8.  Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). We will be doing our next 8 week intensive CPE training (accredited by CPSP). We will probably be doing both normal CPE and CPE-extended. Please check our webpage for details on CPE. If you are interested or have questions, please contact our CPE supervisor, Rev. Aguirre at, or our regular email at

August 21 (tentative date). Half-day workshop “Know Thy Students: Understanding Learning Styles”.

Where:      West Baguio Baptist Church (Naguilian Road, Baguio)

Time:         9am-1pm

Topics:  Psychological Testing, Human Development, and Learning Styles.

Targeted learners:   Educators, and school administrators

Contact our office at (074) 305-5606 for details, or email us at

October 18 – December 10.  Our last CPE and CPE-Ext training of 2010. Contact us if you are interested.