Upcoming Events

November 14.    CPE Commissioning Service

November 22.   Completion of CPE Full Unit

November 23.   Pastoral Care Training Seminar.  Puguis, La Trinidad

December 9.     Conflict Resolution Training. Maria Aurora, Aurora Province

January Short-course

Individual Counseling course will be held this January (2020) at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Charles Henderson will be leading this course from January 13-24.  Sign up soon while there is still time.

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Mid-October Updates

Ongoing: Two CPE groups are continuing through this month into next. One group with 5 trainees, and one with 7.
Oct 15. Start of PBTS PC courses. We are involved in facilitating three (Intro to PC&C, Interpersonal Relationships, and Clinical Pastoral Orientation). The 3rd one, CPO, can be taken as a non-PBTS student. CPO group is on Wednesdays and Fridays– 1pm – 2:30pm
Oct 24. CPSP-Philippines Cert board in Manila.
Oct 26. Bukal BOT Board Meeting
Nov 14. CPE Commissioning Service

CPE Commissioning July 26, 2019


July 26, 2019 we held CPE Commissioning for our 9 trainees at Bukal Life Care (with Diplomate Supervisor Celia Munson and Supervisor in Training Lyn Montecastro). We also welcomed 6 recent CPE trainees from Saint Andrews Theological Seminary (with Diplomate Supervisor Paul Tabon). The commissioning was held at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. Father Ivo Anselmi provided an inspirational message on family, and each of the trainees provided their ministerial metaphor to the group. Afterwards, all joined at the PBTS canteen for celebratory lunch.

Other photos of the event can be found at the Munson’s blogpage:  https://bobandceliamunson.wordpress.com/2019/07/28/cpe-commissioning/

Activities for March and Beyond

We started CPE this week for our Summer Intensive with 7 trainees. We had some changes in our follow-on units due to schedules of some trainees. This list updates these changes.

March 12:  Start of Summer Intensive

March 29:  Training at Center Hope for Women

April 15:  Mid-term Eval

May 10:  Commissioning

June (perhaps June 3)   Orientation for new CPE Unit

June 11   Start of CPO


In our partnership with Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (PBTS), we are happy to have the first graduates of the new Pastoral Care programs at PBTS. They are the first in decades.  We are justifiably pleased and proud.

—MDiv-PC:        Daniel Spaeth

—MA-PC:            Dorina Belran

Christine Fodra


February Updates

We haven’t put in updates in awhile. But that doesn’t mean that nothing has happened.

In January we had:

  • Board Meeting of CPSP-Philippines hosted at Bukal Life Care
  • Gift-giving to inmates at La Trinidad District Jail
  • Completion of two groups of CPE trainees
  • Hosted Case Presentation led by Dr. Raymond Lawrence, General Secretary of CPSP
  • Hosted signing of new Memorandum of Agreement between CPSP and CPSP-Philippines

Looking into upcoming activities… here are a few.

  • February 11.  Presentation by one of our trainees, Daniel Spaeth, of Family Life History Thesis. This will be the first such thesis done as part of the M.Div-PC program at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (this is a program that we partner with PBTS on).
  • February 17.  Parenting Seminar in La Trinidad (we are joining as panel members)
  • March 11.  Start of Summer Intensive Full Unit CPE
  • April 15.  Start of Summer Intensive Half Unit CPE
  • May 27.  Start of Palliative Care CPE

CPSP-Philippine Plenary scheduled to happen soon… but waiting for more details.


Christmas Break

Greetings to all. Our courses are on break. Both our present CPE group and our CPO group will start up again in Mid-January. However, we will be at the Lide-Walker Conference at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary January 7-9.

February, we will be hosting Dr. Raymond Lawrence from CPSP.

Although we are on break, we are still available for consultation. Please email us at bukallife@gmail.com.