Late June Updates

Our mid-June half-unit CPE is underway with 11 trainees divided between two supervisors. These are face-to-face. Another group should be starting up in July that is online.

This August an online CPO group will be held for 9 weeks.

We would also like to note that Dr. Paul Tabon of Global Community is leading a Community Chaplain training course in Baguio. He has 20 trainees in that group.

CPE June 2022

Two CPE groups, led by Chaplains Vo and Lyn, are finishing their Summer Intensive. This is a full unit completed in about 11 weeks. The planned final evals is June 17.

Two groups from Summer Intensive with supervisors ( 1 trainee missing)

CPE starts up a week later with two half-unit intensive groups. They will be led by Chaplains Celia and Vo. These will be face-to-face groups. Chaplain Lyn is planning an online CPE groups at this time as well.

Spiritual Abuse

Bukal Life Care does not claim specialized skill in treating those who are suffering from religious trauma due to spiritual abuse.

However, Dr. Robert Munson, administrator of Bukal Life Care, has put together several presentations that deal with some different aspects of Spiritual Abuse.

If you are interested in looking over some of them, you are welcome to accessing these presentations through his personal website ( You can click below.

March 2022 Updates

It is a long time since we have given updates. Some of that is because we haven’t been that busy due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, things were happening and still are:

Chaplain Lyn’s Group

—- Two CPE groups have recently finished. One of them was led by Chaplain Vo, while another was led by Chaplain Lyn.

— Our next CPE group (possibly groups) will start in Late March. It will be our Summer Intensive. That means that it is a Full (400 hour) Unit in about 11 weeks. Intensive is the correct term. Due to Pandemic limitations, the primary work will be a mix of face-to-face and online, and the ministry will be community-based. If you have questions, email us at

— We are presently working on the 2022 edition of Bukal Life Care Journal. Volume 1 was done back in 2012 and Volume 2 was completed in 2013. It has been awhile, but things are moving fast, hoping to be done by July. We are also cleaning up our first three volumes so that all three can come out updated as a set. More information can be requested by emailing

October Updates

CPE is still ongoing Chaplains Vo and Lyn each having a group. In addition, two classes are starting at PBTS led by members of Bukal Life Care starting October 19 and running for 15 weekly modules. They are:

Intro to Pastoral Care & Counseling— Instr. Fritz Melodi

Dialogue with Asian Faiths— Dr. Bob Munson

Both of them are being taught Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am to 9:30am. Fritz’s course is being held both online and live at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. Doc Bob’s course is entirely online. If you are interested, go to


Congratulations to Violeta C. Canoy, a Supervisor-in-Training with Bukal Life Care has recently passed her board for Diplomate Supervisor in Clinical Pastoral Education/Training from CPSP-Philippines! This is actually the second honor this year for her as earlier she earned her Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling from Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary.

August 2021 Updates

On July 24, we held a webinar on Basics of Pastoral Counseling. Twenty-four trainees joined with Chaplains Vo and Lyn in this online training. Because of the Pandemic, webinars have been a strategy to continue training. In this case, most of the trainees are living in a place where joining us face-to-face was never an option, so becoming comfortable with online training is a great gain.

Mid-August we plan to have two CPE groups beginning in Mid-August. There are still a couple of spots available. Let us know SOON if interested.

July 2021 Updates

We are on a bit of a break except for pastoral counseling. We hope to start doing CPE again in late August or early September.

Late June CPSP-PH had a board for advancement of some members, including at Bukal Life. Hope to have good news to report soon.

Related to good news… we were given an interesting article about new head chaplain of the US Air National Guard— Col. Leah Boling. We are a center for CPE to train clinical chaplains working in partnership with Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. So we can’t help but give congratulations to Chaplain Leah as an alumnus of PBTS. You can click on the article HERE.