Training Opportunities at PBTS in Pastoral Care

And that is not actually all. For 2nd Semester, we also have two “regular” PC courses at PBTS.

-Intro to Pastoral Care and Counseling. Taught by Dr. Lyn Montecastro (Master’s level course)

-Interpersonal Relationships. Taught by Mrs. Celia Munson (Bachelor’s level course)

Regular courses start the week of October 9, although enrollment is the week before.



Some More Updates to our Schedule

June 19. Start. Clinical Pastoral Orientation (CPO). Meeting Mondays at 1pm. PBTS. Bukal Life Care

July 7. CPE Commissioning. 6pm. PBTS.

July 21-23. 4th Regional Asia-Oceania Consultation Seminar and Retreat. Topic: ““Deepening Spirituality: A Journey towards an Integrated Self.” Organized by Vanderpol Center for Leadership and Pastoral Formation, Inc. To be held at Winaca Resort, Acop, Benguet. Cost P4500. For more info, contact,

August 15. Counseling Ethics Seminar. Urdaneta, Pangasinan.

September 19-22. The 11th Asia Pacific Congress-Convention on Pastoral Care and Counseling / APCPCC 2017) that will be held in The Mercure Ancol, Hotel and Convention Centre, Ancol Baycity, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia. The APCPCC 2017 will designate the theme of ”PASTORAL MINISTRY AND VIOLENCE”.


The Celebrate Recovery Schdule with Drug Surrenderers remains unchanged. the Schedule for Jail ministry at Baguio Jail, and La Trinidad District Jails may change, but no updates on that at this time.

The Prisoner’s Journey

Three members of Bukal Life Care went to the Prison Fellowship International training in using “The Prisoner’s Journey” (TPJ) materials for prison ministry. The three of us were Bob, Celia, and German. Bob and Celia have been working at the La Trinidad District Jail, while German has been working at the Baguio City Jail. The workshop was at Bibak Bible Church, and the training was excellent. It meshes nicely with another training program several of us have attended called “Celebrate Recovery” (CR). CR is for those with substance abuse problems… inside of our outside of jail. We plan to utilize CR with Drug Surrenderers, and TPJ in our jail work.

We plan to serve as organizers for the training program at La Trinidad District Jail. We are looking forward to an exciting several months as TPJ starts in July, and CR continues into June and July.

May in Photos

  1.  SIT Chaplain Vo and German, with CPE trainees Nathan, Michael, and Joel.  Self-care at Kuya J’s Restaurant.18620822_10209375134476413_2414255324870593968_o
  2. SIT Chaplain JM with his trainees Daniel, Rebecca, Honeylyn, Joy, and Les. Doing Community ministry in Antipolo18671719_10155332717799817_6896514679619702970_o
  3. Celia and Connie doing training and counseling ministry with women inmates at La Trinidad District Jail.                                                                                                                   18342467_10155260714582622_6089340774151200557_n
  4. SIT Doc Paul with his CPE trainees Ruel, Crystal, Paul, and Vengie. With Bob and Celia. Being hosted by Father Ivo at the St. Camellus Novitiate for dinner.18739804_10155311700902622_1458989434943950232_n
  5. Celebrate Recovery training. Training being used for Drug Surrenderer program at Mines View and Lualhati. Training held at GCF-Metro Baguio.18619933_10213487544891156_7321832894402591425_n

Summer Countdown

Here in the Philippines, Summer starts in March and ends in May. We have had a busy summer with work now going on at two hospitals, two jails, and two drug surrenderer ministry sites. But here is a countdown of some stats.:

Six:    JM’s CPE Group  has six trainees.

Five:  Vo’s CPE Group has five trainees

Four:  Doc Paul’s CPE Group has four trainees

Three:  Chaplain Phan’s CPO Group has three trainees

Two:  Our SIT program has two Supervisor’s in Training (Vo and JM)

One:  We have one more, Edgar, who is about to enter the SIT program


We expect CPO (Clinical Pastoral Orientation) to start June 19, meeting on Monday afternoons for approximately 15 weeks. Contact us if you have any questions.