Staff and Board of Trustees


Celia Munson: CPE Coordinator, CPE Supervisor at Bukal Life

  • -Clinical Counselor certified by College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP).
  • -Disaster Response Chaplain/Trainer through Virginia Baptist Disaster Response.
  • -Master of Divinity from Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, with emphasis on Pastoral Care & Counseling.
  • -Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Saint Louis University

Dr. Paul Tabon:

  • -CPE Supervisor in Training, certified by Clinical Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy-Philippines
  • -Pastoral Counselor, Clinical Chaplain
  • -Doctor of Theology, Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary
  • Seminary FE supervisor and SEE facilitator.

Robert Munson: Administrator at Bukal Life

  • -Doctor of Theology (Major in Missions, Minor in Theology)
    Seminary Professor (Missions/Contextual Theology)
  • Master of Science in Engineering Mechanics from Old Dominion University
  • One unit of Clinical Pastoral Education completed
  • Missionary Member Care

Others include:

  • Cori  Mariano, Pastoral Care, Psychiatric Nursing, Palliative Care
  • Edgar Chan, CPE,
  • German Ramboyong, CPE,

Other Network Members/Partners include

  • Dr. Sim Dang-Awan, CPE, Mediation, Life Coaching, Drug Addition
  • Jehny Pedazo, CPE, Nursing, Pastoral Counseling
  • Arnold Aquillano, CPE Pastoral Care
  • Rose Arquillano, CPE, Pastoral Care
  • Atty Dextor Diwas.  Legal concerns
  • Serafina Tenenan, Registered Guidance Counselor, Drug Addiction

Board of Trustees

Mr. Joselito Mercedes

Sr. Patricia Martinez

Ms. Celia Munson

Padi Penelope Caytap

Atty Dexter Diwas

Rev. Dr. Simplicio Dang-Awan

Ptr. Renato Eustaquio

Ms. Jehny Pedazo

Ms. Wilmalyn Awingan, RGC

Mr. Edgar Chan

Rev. Conrad Garcia


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