Staff and Board of Trustees


Robert Munson: Administrator, ThD, CPO Facilitator, Missionary Member Care

Celia Munson: CPE Supervisor, Pastoral Counselor, Disaster Response Chaplain, Nursing

Violeta Canoy: CPE Supervisor-in-Training, Pastoral Counselor

Edgar Chan:  CPE Supervisor-in-Training, Pastoral Counselor

Merlita Montecastro:  ThD. CPO Facilitator

Jehny Pedazo, CPE Supervisiom and Training, Nursing, Pastoral Counselor, RGC

Renato Eustaquio, CPE Supervisor-in-Training, Corporate Chaplaincy

Serafina Tenenan, RPsy, RGC.  Registered Psychologist, Registered Guidance Counselor

Other Network Members/Partners include

Dr. Sim Dang-Awan, CPE, Mediation, Life Coaching, Drug Addition

Dr. Paul Tabon, CPE, Community Chaplaincy

Cori  Mariano, Pastoral Care, Psychiatric Nursing, Palliative Care

Phanuel Buac, CPO Facilitator

Atty Dextor Diwas.  Legal concerns

Serafina Tenenan, Registered Guidance Counselor, Drug Addiction


Board of Trustees

Ms. Celia Munson

Atty Dexter Diwas

Rev. Dr. Simplicio Dang-Awan

Ptr. Renato Eustaquio

Ms. Jehny Pedazo

Ms. Wilmalyn Awingan, RGC

Mr. Edgar Chan


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