Beautifully Broken

Carl Jung gives the concept of the “wounded healer”… the idea that the drive to become a counselor flows out of an experience of past brokenness. Hardly a shocking revelation. I had a friend in High School who had had lots of work done on his teeth over several years. He wanted to become a dentist (although he ultimately went in a different direction).

Father Henri Nouwen, among others, have gone further suggesting that the sens of being wounded or broken, actually facilitates the counselor as a healer of others.

As a metaphor, one could look at the idea of Kintsugi (golden joinery) or Kintsukuroi (golden repair) from Japanese craftwork, for the view that brokenness may provide a special form of beauty.

Here is a two-part article that explores this idea. It could easily, I believe, be brought over to be looked at from the idea of being a counselor or pastoral care provider.

Kintsukuroi Faith: Beautifully Broken. Part 1

Kintsukuroi Faith: Beautifully Broken. Part 2


Project Visayas June 2014

Our latest trip to the Visayas Region in response to Typhoon Yolanda was from May 26 to June 4. The team is a partnership between PBTS (Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary) and Bukal Life Care. The team of 6 includes Celia, Jeanard, Alexis, Lea, Joylene, and Gabby.  This day (27th) is the second day of DVBS in Tacloban. There were over 120 for day one at the evacuation center and over 190 on day two. Psychosocial Processing (PSP) is also being done.

The 31st, the team will travel to Baliguian Island. DVBS and PSP will be done there as well as initiation of community development work there.


Listening and the Spirit of Unhurried Leisure

Clearing Customs


“Get busy.”

That’s the mantra of many a boss.

“Look busy.”

That’s what coworkers say when the boss is coming.

Busyness isn’t always a synonym for work. In fact, busyness can get in the way of productivity.

Eugene Peterson, best known for his translation of the Bible, The Message, also served as a pastor of Christ Our King Presbyterian Church in Bel Air, Maryland, for 30 years. One of the consistent themes in his teaching and writing is that pastors should not fall into the seductive trap of busyness. Instead, as he writes in “The Unbusy Pastor,” his goal in his role as a church leader was to do three things, things that are too easily pushed aside by a busy life: to pray, to preach, and to listen.

Listening, he says, needs “unhurried leisure.” This leisure is the opposite of busyness. And just as busyness does not equal work…

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CPE Graduation, May 2014


The CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) Summer 2014 team. They completed 1/2-unit from late March to early May 2014. The team is from left to right: JM (on first unit), Alexis (advanced unit), Sr. Annette (on first unit), Celia (supervisor), Sr. Isabella (on first unit), Cori (advanced unit), and Rob (on first unit). Also thanks to Becky and Jehny in assisting the training.

Bukal Life Care is a CPSP-certified training center for Clinical Pastoral Education. Our next training starts on June 2nd, 2014. If you have any questions, contact us at 0933-302-0373, or email us at