Added articles

Two articles added to our other site ( (1) “Wholistic Ministry and Nehemiah”. This is in the ARTICLES section of the website and is in pdf format. (2) “Levels of Influence” is in TRAINING AIDS section of the website and is a pdf form of a powerpoint presentation looking at the 5 levels of influenced as discussed by Leadership expert John Maxwell.


Disaster Response Counseling Class in April

Chaplain Charlie Benton, Counselor with the Virginia Baptist Disaster Response Team, will be teaching “Disaster Response Counseling” (PC-377) during Summer Institute at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. The class will meet 3 hours daily from April 13 – April 24. Registration will be on the 12th. Chaplain Benton …will be here as a joint effort of the Virginia Baptist Mission Board, PBTS, and Shepherd’s Oikos

Additionally, Rebecca Pasaporte will be teaching “Family Counseling” from 1pm to 3pm at Summer Institute.

Check with PBTS for details of cost and accommodations.

May 1st. Pastoral Care Symposium

Shepherd’s Oikos and PBTS CPE program will jointly hold its 2nd annual Pastoral Care Symposium. It is expected to start at 8am and continue to 5pm. While the exact venue in Baguio City is still being worked out, our lead speaker will be Reverand Charlie Benton (see photo). He is a crisis counselor and trainer with the …Virgina Baptist Disaster Response Team. Pastor Charlie joined us as a Crisis Counselor during the Typhoon Parma (Pepeng) disaster response here in Benguet Province. He will lead the two plenary sessions. Additional break-outs will occur as well. More information will be coming. Hope to see you there.

Crisis Care Chaplain

Crisis Care Chaplain, Charlie Benton

Cancellation or Postponment of Aguid Sagada Mission

ANNOUNCEMENT. Due to some political issues that have sprung up recently… the medical mission to Aguid Sagada has be cancelled, scheduled for February 26-28. It will perhaps be rescheduled later in the year. For the team of 30 who had offerred to give their time and prayers for this trip, we apologize, but feel this is the right decision at this time.

Blood Drive at PBTS in Baguio

The blood drive with the Philippine Red Cross was accomplished on Feb 15. This partnered with Asia Vision-STM (and was done in the office of AV-STM, on the campus of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary) and the PBTS student council. Approximately 45 came to give blood. After screenings, 30 were able to donate. We hope to work together with the PRC and expand on the solid based.

This was our first attempt to support this type of work in Baguio City. While we generally focus on wholistic work (integration spiritual and social ministries) we believe that saving lives is clearly in line with Christ’s ministry and His example for us.

Haggai NTS Graduation at PBTS, Baguio

Haggai NTS 2010 at PBTS, Baguio City

Great time at Haggai!! A couple of members of Bukal attended (Celia and Angie). Also some friends/partners as well. These include Pastor Demi as a trainee, as well as brother Ces (as a trainer). Others in the picture include as trainees:  Grover, Albert, Maxima, Alquin, Mario, Rodolfo, and Velmor. Other trainers include Annie and Bishop Juan.

COMDEV Training and Medical Missions Planned in April

Tentatively have planned a 3-day workshop in Principles of Wholistic community development. It will be held April 20-22 in Baguio City. This will be sandwiched between two medical missions. The first is a medical follow-up mission on the 17th in Gaswiling, Kapangan. The second is a church-planting medical mission on the 24th in Bagyonas, Kapangan. It is hoped the training can be of value for follow-on work there. The medical missions have limited space available. However, if you are interested in the COMDEV work, please contact us.

Haggai Institute (in Baguio) Week of Feb 8, 2010

8-12 February 2010. Haggai Institute week-long seminar is being held at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. The seminars focus on international evangelism training. A number connected with Bukal Life are there. Ces Garcia, who often joins us on medical missions, and is part of “Discipline Others 2 Love Jesus” heads Haggai Institute locally. Celia and Angie are trainees. Three other members of Bukal Life hoped to be there but had job conflicts.