Pastoral Care Short-Course

16aWe do a number of trainings that are shorter in duration. Commonly, they are 8-12 hours total time, normally spread over two or three days (such as consecutive Saturdays). The training varies based on the needs. It can be for Lay-Pastoral Care program in a church, or Introduction to Hospital Visitation Ministry, or Minister Upgrade (Such as in the Minister Heartlink Program).

Some of the activities/training tied to the short course can include (depending on the specific needs of the group):\

  • Introduction to Pastoral Care
  • Myth of the Super Pastor
  • Color Your World
  • Therapeutic Communication
  • Initial Pastoral Visit
  • Boundaries and Self-Care
  • Emotional Life of Jesus
  • Law and Grace
  • Establishing a Law-Sheparding Program
  • Confidentiality and Ethics

Addtionally, we may include:

  • Practical Ministry and Roleplaying
  • Personality or Ministerial Testing
  • Group Work Relations
  • Individual Counseling

While the picture above was from a training of around 12 or 13, we normally prefer a smaller group such as 4-6.


In addition we periodically do individual topics. Probably our most popular one is on Conflict Resolution (or more accurately, Conflict Prevention.