CPE 2011 Batch 1

Our trainees and staff got together on Monday (March 21) and have been busy ever since. Commissioning will be held at West Baguio Baptist Church at 2pm, this Friday (March 25)



Ptr. Arnold and Rosalina Arquilliano join us on the staff taking care of our extension in Dagupan. Welcome aboard.

Brochure Updates

Have placed updates of two of our brochures on the web. the two are:

Guidance and Testing (Rev C)

CPE (Rev C)

The can be found at: http://www.bukallife.org/forms.php

Three more are on the way. These are:

Training (Rev. C). Brochure done. Put on the web soon.

Counseling Services (Rev. C). Brochure 70% complete.

Bukal Life Care & Counseling Center (Rev. C). Haven’t started the update yet.

March 4 Activities

March 4 was a busy day for us. The morning was our seminar in “Managing Conflict and Confrontation Well.” It was led by Celia Munson, the training coordinator of Bukal Life Care and Counseling Center. We were invited by Prof. Wilma Awingan, a professor at University of Cordilleras, and a member of our board of directors. The training was done as part of an all day activity involving the Department of Psychology at UC. Between 150 and 200 attended.

In the evening we had a dinner/meeting for CPE supervisors. This was for preparing for the CPE program starting on March 21 and continuing through May. We had great food (thanks to Ate Flor). We all are excited about the upcoming program for our 22 trainees.
Those attending were:

Rev. Joel S. Aguirre, CPE Supervisor and Program Director
Bob Munson, Bukal Life Administrator
Celia Munson, Associate Supervisor, and Training Coordinator
Dr. Ryan Clark, Associate Supervisor
Joyce Gray, Supervisor-in-training
Felicitas Panizales, Supervisor-in-training
Sr. Sofia Cinches, Supervisor-in-training
Theresa Leones, CPE Psychologist/Trainer
Jehny Pedazo, Program Coordinator