PNRC Recognition

Bukal Life was invited to the recognition ceremony of the Philippine National Red Cross (Baguio Chapter) for its participation with the PNRC in seeking blood donations. In addition to blood donation, we have worked with them in disaster response chaplaincy, and partnering in training people in First Aid and Basic Life Savings. We had a good time and did some planning with the Red Cross for our next blood drive early in December. Will give more information soon.

Members of Bukal Life with friends at PNRC-Baguio


Training at CCDC

Finished training at CCDC (Cordillera Career Development College) in Disaster Response Care/Chaplaincy. This was a one-day overview (not the full 40-hour program). Over 50 attended. We had a great time. Will put more photos on Bukal Life Ministries Facebook page

Picture 1 is students doing a combination of exercise and “movement” prayer led by Sister Sofia. Picture 2 is Ate Celia leading the didactic portion of the training.

2010 Batch 2 CPE

CPE trainers and trainees.

Photo of 2010 Batch 2 CPE trainers and trainees. Eden and Gem were unable to be in the picture (Sayang!!) but Bernard, Sofia, Jheny, Celia, and Ptr. Joel were.

BTW, completed a smallgroup training in psychometric testing and learning styles with teachers from Immaculate Heart of Mary School in La Trinidad. We think it went well, and look forward to working with other schools in the Northern Philippines in this area.

August Updates

21 August. Educator training in learning styles and psychometric testing will be held at West Baguio Baptist Church this Saturday. 9am – 12noon.

28 August and 4 September. Tentatively plan to lead workshop on Stress Mitigation (NOVA-model) at CCDC (Cordillera Career Development College), La Trinidad)

We now have materials to carry out Slosson Intelligence Test (Rev.) as well as Personality Research Form (PRF).

Congratulations to CPE 2010 batch 2 Graduates

Congratulations to those who have completed batch 2 (June-August) of our CPE internship. Some were working on the full CPE, while others were working on the extended program or working towards certification. Congrats to Bernard, Gem, Jheny, Eden, Sofia, and Celia!!

There internship ended with a weeklong pastoral care and training project with the Saint Mary’s School and the Episcopal parish in Sagada, Mountain Province. Thanks to all for making the visit so productive and enjoyable.

Food for Thought

“Helping people get a life is the hardest work God does. That’s true for us as well. Partnering with him on this mission signs you up for disappointment, challenge, pain grief, and loss as you deal with people. But it also sets you up for exhilaration, joy, hope, and abundant life. That’s life. And that’s the point.” -Reggie McNeal (in “Missional Renaissance: Changing the Scorecard for the Church”)

August Update

As of today (August 2), the CPE Pastoral Care team has safely arrived in Sagada (Mountain Province). They will be doing pastoral care ministry as well as training.

It looks like we may be moving our teacher training to September. we got ourselves buried in work and have also been asked to do some more training at another school. Will update as soon as we know details.

The ARTICLES section of is fixed. Thanks Mike!!