December Activities

Things are slowly starting to ramp up. The key word here is SLOWLY.

One is that we have been asked to do training in Crisis Intervention Defusing. Traditionally, we use a modified version of NOVA for this task. However, because our main audience are pastors working with police, we decided to take a more Bible-based approach. The basic principles are the same, but is presented through cases in Scripture. The primary presentation is embedded below. We will be doing a dry run with our online “Bukal Support Group” this coming Tuesday, (Dec 1st, 2020). We then plan to have two online trainings with pastors linked to “Bless our Cops” in subsequent Fridays. This is our first Webinar. If successful, we may do more of this training, and/or start doing other webinars. The ones so far scheduled, however, are limited to those involved in the Bukal Support Group, or Bless our Cops.

Online counseling has been increasing in the past weeks. The online counseling (as is our regular counseling) is free, and done by volunteers, so we don’t really advertise it. But if you need help, you can contact us a few different ways. However, I might suggest going to the Bukal Life Care FB page and sending us a message… or go to Contact Us page on this website and send us your request.

Bukal Support Group

Crisis Intervention Defusing

While we have held training in Crisis Intervention Defusing, particularly utilizing a modified NOVA model, we decided to look at the activity through the lens of two cases in the Bible. The cases involve Job and Elijah. One could be thought of as a bad example, and the other a good example. However, even bad examples can still be highly instructive.