2015-2019. Phase 3

This was a time of maturing. Rather than try to deal with it chronologically, a few major topics will be dealt with.

  1.  Memoranda of Agreement.  In 2016 we signed a formal MOA with PBTS to serve in formal partnership with the seminary in training in pastoral care and counseling, and providing care and counseling to those associated with the seminary. More recently, we also signed a MOA with La Trinidad District Jail for providing pastoral counseling services there. And our accreditation body, CPSP-Philippines signed an updated MOA with CPSP.
  2. Diplomate status. Celia Munson and Dr. Paul Tabon were granted status as Diplomate-Supervisors of Clinical Pastoral Education/Training by CPSP and CPSP-Philippines. This allowed both to oversee supervisors-in-training (SITs).  After that, in line with the preferences of CPSP and CPSP-Philippines, Doc Paul was encouraged to establish his own training center, “Glocal Community.”
  3. Supervisors-in-Training. With Diplomate status, we have been able to have SITs overseen by a diplomate in house. This has greatly expanded our ability not only to have SITs but to move them towards diplomate.  Celia presently (as of the end of 2019) has three active SITs.
  4. Bocaue and Corporate Chaplaincy. One of our SITs, Chaplain Renato Eustaquio began serving as a corporate chaplain with a major manufacturer in Bulacan Province. Although we had in the past stepped away from having offices outside of Baguio, we decided to, at least temporarily, make an exception. For over a year, Bukal Life Care in Bocaue served to train corporate chaplains and to provide chaplains to employees there. After this time however, Chaplain Renato, as an SIT, was encouraged to establish his own center, Hesed, which operates at Dr. Yanga’s Hospital for both hospital and corporate chaplaincy.
  5. Training materials. We have been working to develop training materials that are relevant to CPE and pastoral counseling in the Philippines. The first book was “The Art of Pastoral Care” by Robert and Celia Munson. The second book was “Dynamics in Pastoral Counseling and Training” also by the Munsons. In addition, work has been done to effectively ladderize the CPE program so that each level has distinct training goals, as well as improve the CPE handbook.