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CPE Training

Ptr. Joel Aguirre will be leading another CPE (Clinical Practical Education) training for chaplaincy. It will be done in conjunction with Shepherd’s Oikos, Philippine baptist Theological Seminary, and CPSP. Contact us if you have any questions. The initial meeting for planning is December 2nd, 2009 at noon at PBTS.

Bagulin Mission Update

The Bagulin trip has been rescheduled for the 5th of December. We apologize for those it may inconvenience. The date change was based partly on the schedules of our volunteer medical professionals, and part on the schedule of EyeGlass Bank. EyeGlass Bank (a DOH program) was able to come during the weekend of the 5th, so we are adjusting ourselves to their schedule.

It is a very busy time for all (the Christmas Holiday Season). However, we pray that you will find joy in celebrating the birth of Christ. We also pray that you will find it in your hearts to celebrate by sharing God’s love with those in need. That way you can have a truly blessed “Maligayang Pasko!!”

On the Website and Beyond

We’ve been gradually populating this website. First, if you look at the DOWNLOADABLES section, you will see some powerpoints and articles having to do with ministry. We will be expanding and updating this regularly. If you check the AAPCS and DLKC pages, links have been added to the additional info (so far, the AAPCS brochure and the Divine Love Kids Club Newsletter).

By the way, if you want to find some good powerpoints on a number of aspects of ministry, might want to check out http://www.rasnet.org. Click on EQUIP.

Calendar of Events. Mid November 2009

November 21. Celia Munson is teaching a seminar on Missionary Member Care for Churches. This will be held at Chapel B of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (www.pbts.net.ph), starting at 1:30PM.  This is part of the Leadership Development Program series of Asia Vision Short Term Missions (AV-STM). http://www.avstm.wordpress.com.

November 26-27. Medical mission in Bagulin, La Union. The valley of Bagulin is one of the most beautiful places you will see. Sadly, it was hit by major flooding from Typhoon Pepeng.  The main mission will be on the 27th, but some preliminary services will be provided on the 26th as well.

November 28.  Bob Munson is teaching a seminar on Contemporary Issues in Missions. This will be held at Chapel B of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (www.pbts.net.ph). This is part of the Leadership Development Program series of Asia Vision Short Term Missions (AV-STM). http://www.avstm.wordpress.com.

December 19.  We will be holding a Christmas Party for Divine Love Kids Club (all three branches) at the grounds of Union School International, Legarda Baguio City. It is tentatively scheduled to start at 9am.

Late December. Angie Gomez is coordinating a training program in partnership with the Baguio Branch of the Red Cross. More to follow.

Comments on Relief and Developmnet

Ministry in a community involves two groups, hosts and outsiders, who provide care for a third group, the recipients. The hosts are people or groups in a community who are committed to serving God and the community. Outsiders are, not surprisingly, people from outside the community. They may be short-term missionaries, financial supporters, mobilizers, and so forth. Recipients are people and groups in the community to be served.
Hosts provide at least two very important ingredients to the partnership for ministry:
· Cultural Awareness/Sensitivity
· Long-term Presence

Outsiders provide two ingredients as well:
· Material/Financial Resources
· Special Skills

Each group lacks the others’ strengths. A failure of either group to provide these ingredients leads to a partnership that is one-sided, or ineffective.

The partnership between hosts and outsiders needs to be founded on common philosophy of ministry and common goals, maintained by transparent communication. With this foundation, the two groups must work together to develop a mutual strategy and plan. Any break-down or lopsidedness in this work will lead to problems in the planning and execution of the mission.

The ministry to the recipient should be wholistic. That is, it should focus on the total person and the total community. Individualistic missions will not transform a community. Focusing on only one area (physical, economic, spiritual, educational, etc.) will not transform a community.

Post-ministry tasks must include evaluation of all aspects of the work, and planned follow-up. Seeds planted will not grow well unless they are properly tended. Follow-up work will not improve unless all parties learn from the past. Follow-up is normally the responsibility of the host, but evaluation is important for all.

The Relief Cycle as shown in the diagram shows the role of the outsider as one who may periodically come in to provide skills and resources and then leave. The Development Cycle as shown in the diagram shows the role of the Host, living in the community and continuing in the tending process of long-term ministry.

Early in ministry work, the greater emphasis may be on relief. However, with material and skills transfer, the necessity of the skills and resources of outsiders should reduce, and the emphasis should move towards the development cycle. Progress does not occur if ministry stays rooted mostly in the relief cycle. That is why training is so important. That being said, in any community it is good if both cycles always exist. Why? There are no perfectly self-sufficient communities. We all are interdependent. Everyone lacks something that someone else could help meet. And no one is so impoverished that they have nothing to offer another.

(From research in Dissertation “Strategic Use of Medical Mission Events for Long-term Church Outreach in the Ilocos Region” by Bob Munson.)

Double Vortex Model of Ministry

Belong Medical Mission


Bukal Life Ministries and Local Host Team (PMA '94 Wives Group not in photo)

We had a wonderful day. Just got back so will give a fuller report in a couple of days. We partnered with the “PMA ’94 Wives Group” and with local missionaries and church workers in the Tublay area. Belong was hard hit by landslides in October. The following is a quick review of the results.

Medical services: 168
Dental services: 32
Eye Care services: 26
Total patients: 203
Children’s ministry: 120+

Our partner, “PMA ’94 Wives Group” provided arrozcaldo, pencils and treats for the children. Over 120 were served in this way. Balloon sculptures were also made, and opportunities to share their feelings regarding the landslides as well.

The counseling was of a crisis care form used by NOVA. We did not do normal evangelism due to the fact that shortly after a traumatic experience, it is unwise to push people to make major life decisions. We are seeking for them to find a new normal for their life, and see God’s care.

This Saturday

November 14th, we will be doing a post-disaster medical mission in Belong, Tublay (Benguet Province). Belong is a very small community, so we don’t know what to expect there, but we gladly serve as many as come. We will have medical care, dental care, crisis counseling, and fun and games for the kids. Dr. Celia Brilliante will be coming with her group to provide lunch for the children as well.

Friends of ours (Ces and Dr. Rosa) are doing an occular and mini-dental mission in Bani, Pangasinan at the same time as ours. We pray that will be a exciting and blessed trip as well.