Completed Mission in Macabebe

Team picture at Saplad-David

Wonderful time in Macabebe. Two medical missions there April 10-11. The first was at the Colis house in Saplad-David. The second was on the island of Pulo, hosted by Celia Munson’s family there. Between the two small communities, we treated nearly 400 people. We hope to develop long-term relationships with these two communities for transformational development.


Blood Drive at PBTS in Baguio

The blood drive with the Philippine Red Cross was accomplished on Feb 15. This partnered with Asia Vision-STM (and was done in the office of AV-STM, on the campus of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary) and the PBTS student council. Approximately 45 came to give blood. After screenings, 30 were able to donate. We hope to work together with the PRC and expand on the solid based.

This was our first attempt to support this type of work in Baguio City. While we generally focus on wholistic work (integration spiritual and social ministries) we believe that saving lives is clearly in line with Christ’s ministry and His example for us.

Minimedical in Camdas, Baguio City

Group Shot from Save our Street Children Project

The group of students from Saint Louis University (Baguio City) joined with “Save our Street Children” for a medical mission. Bukal Life was happy to provide most all of the medicines and vitamins for the project. Drs. Rene and Evita Buada (friends both of the SLU team and Bukal Life) provided medical care. “Save our Street Children” works with around 100 children in Baguio. About half of these came to the medical mission held on January 30, 2010. Vitamins were set aside for those that did not come.

Upcoming Stuff

January 25-26 Spiritual Living Days at Union School International (Baguio City)

February 26-28 Medical Follow-up Visit to Aguid, Sagada, Mountain Province.

March 26-28 Mini-Medical and Follow-up in Pulo and Saplad, Macabebe Pampanga.

May 1. Pastoral Care Symposium. Shepherd’s Oikos. At West Baguio Baptist Church (all day).

Bagulin Preliminary Report

This report will be updated in a day or two for the full report. But as of Saturday evening (December 5th), here is the stats snapshot.

Total Patients: 403 (See Note 1)
Med. Patients: 236
Dental Patients: 137
Surg. Patients: 56
Eyeglass Patients: 137 (see Note 2)

Discipleship Training:    14

Note 1. Does not include some of the eyeglass patients, and some that came without forms. Total patients probably closer to 500.

We had a wonderful time in Bagulin, and thank the people of Bagulin, Suyo Bible Baptist Church, New Hope Baptist Church and others for being such generous hosts.

Note 2: Eyeglass patients as of now. The Eyecare van will be staying on site for one more day.

Bagulin Team with Gift Housebrooms from Hosts

Busy in Medical and Pharmacy Section.

December Updates

Here is what is coming up:

1. Medical Mission:
-Bagulin, La Union. December 4-5. Medical, Dental, Surgical, Crisis Counseling, Eye Glasses, Discipleship Training.
-Looking into others, but none are firmed up yet.

2. Kids Club.
-Christmas Party, Union School, Baguio City, December 19th. 9am-12nn

3. Shepherd’s Oikos.
-Clinical Pastoral Education. Starts March 29, 2010. Continues for 9 weeks.
-Crisis Counseling Seminars. Two are tentatively planned during April and May, 2010.

4. Community Development.
Two projects are presently being worked out. One is in the Sagada area. This will probably start in February. The second is in Macabebe Pampanga. This should start in March.

Bagulin Mission Update

The Bagulin trip has been rescheduled for the 5th of December. We apologize for those it may inconvenience. The date change was based partly on the schedules of our volunteer medical professionals, and part on the schedule of EyeGlass Bank. EyeGlass Bank (a DOH program) was able to come during the weekend of the 5th, so we are adjusting ourselves to their schedule.

It is a very busy time for all (the Christmas Holiday Season). However, we pray that you will find joy in celebrating the birth of Christ. We also pray that you will find it in your hearts to celebrate by sharing God’s love with those in need. That way you can have a truly blessed “Maligayang Pasko!!”

Calendar of Events. Mid November 2009

November 21. Celia Munson is teaching a seminar on Missionary Member Care for Churches. This will be held at Chapel B of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (, starting at 1:30PM.  This is part of the Leadership Development Program series of Asia Vision Short Term Missions (AV-STM).

November 26-27. Medical mission in Bagulin, La Union. The valley of Bagulin is one of the most beautiful places you will see. Sadly, it was hit by major flooding from Typhoon Pepeng.  The main mission will be on the 27th, but some preliminary services will be provided on the 26th as well.

November 28.  Bob Munson is teaching a seminar on Contemporary Issues in Missions. This will be held at Chapel B of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary ( This is part of the Leadership Development Program series of Asia Vision Short Term Missions (AV-STM).

December 19.  We will be holding a Christmas Party for Divine Love Kids Club (all three branches) at the grounds of Union School International, Legarda Baguio City. It is tentatively scheduled to start at 9am.

Late December. Angie Gomez is coordinating a training program in partnership with the Baguio Branch of the Red Cross. More to follow.

Belong Medical Mission


Bukal Life Ministries and Local Host Team (PMA '94 Wives Group not in photo)

We had a wonderful day. Just got back so will give a fuller report in a couple of days. We partnered with the “PMA ’94 Wives Group” and with local missionaries and church workers in the Tublay area. Belong was hard hit by landslides in October. The following is a quick review of the results.

Medical services: 168
Dental services: 32
Eye Care services: 26
Total patients: 203
Children’s ministry: 120+

Our partner, “PMA ’94 Wives Group” provided arrozcaldo, pencils and treats for the children. Over 120 were served in this way. Balloon sculptures were also made, and opportunities to share their feelings regarding the landslides as well.

The counseling was of a crisis care form used by NOVA. We did not do normal evangelism due to the fact that shortly after a traumatic experience, it is unwise to push people to make major life decisions. We are seeking for them to find a new normal for their life, and see God’s care.

This Saturday

November 14th, we will be doing a post-disaster medical mission in Belong, Tublay (Benguet Province). Belong is a very small community, so we don’t know what to expect there, but we gladly serve as many as come. We will have medical care, dental care, crisis counseling, and fun and games for the kids. Dr. Celia Brilliante will be coming with her group to provide lunch for the children as well.

Friends of ours (Ces and Dr. Rosa) are doing an occular and mini-dental mission in Bani, Pangasinan at the same time as ours. We pray that will be a exciting and blessed trip as well.