Bagulin Preliminary Report

This report will be updated in a day or two for the full report. But as of Saturday evening (December 5th), here is the stats snapshot.

Total Patients: 403 (See Note 1)
Med. Patients: 236
Dental Patients: 137
Surg. Patients: 56
Eyeglass Patients: 137 (see Note 2)

Discipleship Training:    14

Note 1. Does not include some of the eyeglass patients, and some that came without forms. Total patients probably closer to 500.

We had a wonderful time in Bagulin, and thank the people of Bagulin, Suyo Bible Baptist Church, New Hope Baptist Church and others for being such generous hosts.

Note 2: Eyeglass patients as of now. The Eyecare van will be staying on site for one more day.

Bagulin Team with Gift Housebrooms from Hosts

Busy in Medical and Pharmacy Section.