Cel and Grace just returned from Pampanga verifying for medical missions on April 10 and 11, and checking out another potential site. Bob met with Ptr. Sam and worked out arrangements for Gaswiling trip on April 24 and the COMDEV training following. However, we will delay the Baguionas trip until some more logistics are worked out.

CPE training started today (Monday the 29th). Disaster Response Counseling (2-week program) starts on the 13th as part of the PBTS Summer Institute Program.


Calendar for April 2010

Bukal Life Ministries

March 29. Training: Basics of First Aid.
Location: PBTS, Baguio City.
Group: AVSTM Missionaries
Time: 1:30pm – 5pm
Trainer: Celia Munson

March 29 – June Training: Clinical Pastoral Education
Location: PBTS, Baguio City (and local hospitals)
Group: CPE Students
Time: 9 weeks intensive
Trainer: Rev. Joel Aguirre (and others)

April 10-11 Medical: Dental/Surg Mission
Location: Saplad-David, Macabebe (10th)
Pulo, Macabebe (11th)
Group: Medical Team
Time: All day both days

April 13-24 Training: Disaster Response Counseling
Location: PBTS, Baguio City
Group: PBTS Summer Institute Students
Time: 8am-11am
Trainer: Chaplain Charlie Benton

April 17 Medical: Medical Mission
Location: Gaswiling, Kapangan
Group: Medical Team
Time: All day

April 20-22 Training: Church-Based Community Development
Location: Bukal Life, Baguio City
Group: COMDEV Trainees
Time: 8am – 4pm
Trainer: Bob Munson (and others)

April 24 Training: Disaster Response Counseling Seminar
Location: University of Cordilleras Theater, Baguio City
Group: Guidance Counselors and others
Time: 8am – 4pm
Trainer: Chaplain Charlie Benton

April 24 Medical: Medical Mission
Location: Baguionas, Kapangan
Group Medical Team
Time: All day

May 1 Training: CPE Symposium
Location: Calvary Baptist Church, Baguio City
Group: Church leaders
Time: 8am – 5pm
Trainer: Chaplain Charlie Benton (and CPE Team)


We hope to open the Bukal Life Care and Counseling Center in April.

April 24 Symposium

Pastoral Care Symposium at University of Cordilleras on April 24 (all day). Lead speaker will be Chaplain Charlie Benton of the Virginia Baptist Disaster Relief Team. This symposium will focus on counselors, while the May 1st event (at Calvary Baptist Church, Baguio City) will focus on Church leaders.

More details to follow.

Visit to Shekinah Home

At Shekinah Home Orphanage

Great time visiting the Whittles again at Shekinah Home. We were there for a Board of Trustees meeting. It was a valuable time of sharing, discussing, planning, and praying. Please pray with us as the orphanage needs to make many important decisions in preparing for the future. http://www.shekinahhome.org

New Office

Shepherd’s Oikos will be busy with training this April. But we are going to be opening our new office for pastoral care services. Can’t give to much details at this time, but if things go as anticipated, we will be opening up our new office in the next few weeks. While it will be used for some administrative work, and for training materials, its main purpose would be provide pastoral care and counseling services to those dealing with life crises in the Baguio area. Will tell you more when the plans are solidified.

What Does Shepherd’s Oikos Do?


1. Shepherd in Every Pew. Provides a simple format look at pastoral counseling with the goal of having helping church members be an effective part of the pastoral care ministry of a church.

2. Disaster Response Counseling. Provides training for counselors to effectively provide relief to disaster victims through counseling leading to stress mitigation and finding “a new normal”. Focuses primarily on the NOVA model.

3. Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling. Somewhat like Shepherd in Every Pew, but less targeted. Provides a basic understanding of the purpose and methods of pastoral care.

4. Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). We work with Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (PBTS) and the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP) in this. Rev. Joel Aguirre is the head of Shepherd’s Oikos, as well as the CPE Supervisor at PBTS.

4. We are regularly expanding in this area… adding new training as the need arises.


1. Our first Shepherd’s Oikos Pastoral Care Seminar was in 2009 with Dr. Raymond Lawrence (General Secretary of the College of Pastoral Care and Psychotherapy) as our lead speaker. This year, our 2nd annual symposium will be on May 1st (2010) with Rev. Charlie Benton (Virginia Baptist Mission Board Disaster Response Trainer) as the lead speaker.


1. We are hoping to begin developing materials contextualized for the Philippines. We are also looking to develop an electronic journal.

Practical Ministry:

1. We look to help people who are suffering by providing pastoral care services. We started this by working with hospitals and shelters (through CPE) as well as with Disaster Relief (after Typhoon Pepeng in November 2009).