Welcome to Bukal Life Care!

We are a non-denominational Christian Ministry based in Baguio City, Philippines. We have two major ministries:

1. ” Life Care,” which involves pastoral care,  crisis care, and member care

2. “Training,” which involves CPE, CPO, Disaster Response, and various seminar trainings

Our primary ministries are:

  • Training in CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education/Training). We are certified by CPSP-Philippines, and the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy. 
  • Pastoral Counseling for individuals, couples, and families. (Note: We focus in areas where spirituality and psychology interrelate. However, we are not a psychological or psychiatric center.)
  • Periodically we hold trainings in a number of topics including:  grief,  conflict, missionary and ministry member care, and similar. Additionally, we are partnered with Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary and act as a partnered ministry with them in terms of pastoral counseling and training.

The name “Bukal”, pronounced “boo – KAHL”, means “spring” (as in water) in Tagalog. It is inspired by Isaiah 58:11.

Our ministry location is on the campus of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (19 Tacay Road, Baguio City). Our office is on the first floor of the ZDH Building.

Email:       bukallife@gmail.com

Phone:      0917-660-7868     (074) 445-6344

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