Mar 2014 Activities

A few dates for a busy month.

Mar 5. Staff meeting
Mar 12 PMHA training for support of women and children (Nueva Ecija)
Mar 14 Graduation, PBTS.
Mar 17 AV-STM prefield Training (2-weeks)
Mar 18 Staff Meeting
Mar 20-22. Bohol Mission, part II
Mar 24. Training Day with AV-STM (first aid, and group work)
Mar 26. Start of CPE Intensive (continues for 10.5 weeks)
Mar 30. CPSP Plenary starting (Va Beach, VA) and continuing to April 2nd.


Three Days in February

Three great activities in three consecutive days.

Day 1 (February 20). Asia Vision-STM invited us to Wood Nymph Restaurant for a planning dinner. AV-STM is a Philippine-based organization that trains Filipinos in missions through training and Short-Term and Encounter missions. AV-STM is committed to proper missionary member care for those who go. We have been working with them with personality evaluation and training. We are presently working with each other to develop a program that meets the needs of AV-STM. Thanks to Jehny and Fhey for taking the lead on developing this program.

Feb 2014 a

Day 2 (February 21). At the invitation of Serving Neighbors Network, we were invited to do a training in Intentional Conversation. We did a similar training at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary a month before. SNN trains children in Baguio through the ALS (alternative learning system) program. Attendees were teachers and barangay workers. There were approximately 20 in attendance. Bob led the primary training, with roleplay and group discussion work by Celia, Becky, and Cori.

Feb 2014 d

Day 3 (February 22).  We carried out another topic in our series of Mini-Workshops. This training is in Conflict Mediation, led by Dr. Sim Dang-Awan. Doc Sim is an expert in mediation and tribal confict resolution. The training was held at Philippines Baptist Theological Seminary (PBTS) , to a group of around 25. We had a very positive response to this and discussion is underway for follow-ons to this important topic.

Feb 2014 g

2013 Activities

Here are some of our activities over 2013.

January.  Pastoral Care Basics. Led by Celia Munson. At Serving Neighbors Network, Baguio City. Training. 2 days. 8 trainees

February.  ALS visitation and gift-giving at Crystal Cave, Baguio, (12 helped) and Mother and Children’s Health Outreach, San Isidro, Agoo (80 helped). Organized by Angie Gomez.

February 22-23  Life Care Training Led by Bob and Celia Munson. At Sefton Village, Santiago, Isabela. 1.5 days. 20 trainees.

March   AV-STM Member Care Training. Celia: Basic First Aid for STMers.

May. Missionary Member Care. Led by Robert Munson. (2-week Summer module). PBTS.11 trainees

May 23   Stress Management. Led by Dr. Sim Dang-Awan. Dept of Agriculture, Banaue.

May.  Missionary Member Care Trip to Cambodia. Jehny Pedazo. AG Team and AV-STM.

June 8  Crisis Care Training. Led by Celia Munson. At “The Hub” Student Center, La Trinidad. 1 evening. 7 trainees

June 13-14.  Disaster Response,Buguias, Benguet. 100 people. Training and Stress Defusing.

June 25. Formal Agreement with PBTS on partnering on ministry, facilities, and training.

July.   Loss and Grief seminar. Led by Celia. At Trinidad Baptist Church.

August.  Growth Groups. Led by Joyce Gray. August – October 2013. PBTS.6 trainees

September 26.   Solidarity for families and PWDs. AVRC Region 1. Led by Celia.

October 4.   Child Abuse. 1.5 hour lecture by Celia Munson at Benguet State.

November.  Disaster Response/NOVA training, PBTS, 4 hours, 25 trainees.

November.  Crisis Care/Child Traumatic Stress, AV-STM, 4 hours, 15 trainees. Led by Jehny.

November.   Disaster Response, Ormoc and Tacloban. Led by Dr. Nori Lacquian. Alexis joined. Relief work and defusing.

December.   Disaster Response, “Iloklan Team.” Numancia, Iloilo, and Baliguian, Concepcion, Iloilo. Defusing, Relief Goods, Training.

December. Disaster Response, Cebu and Ormoc. Stress Defusing, Training for ministry leaders in Cebu.

December.  Disaster Response, Bilar, Bohol. Relief goods, Defusing, and Training led by Bob, Celia, and Dr. Erlyn Santos.

December 27-28. “Project Leyte” Crisis Debrief/Defuse Training. Organized by PNA-Baguio/Benguet, PGCA-Baguio/Benguet, Zero Distance to the Philippines, and Bukal Life Care. Dec 27/28. Modules led by several including Celia and Jehny.



2012. Some Activities

  • Jan 5-10 Return to CDO for Disaster Response.
  • Jan CPE-Manila Batch begins
  • Feb 19-20 CPO final evals and graduation
  • Feb 29 Doc Raymond arrives in Manila
  • Mar 2 Doc Lawrence Seminar, PCMC
  • Mar 3 Peer Review
  • Mar 5 Doc Lawrence Seminar, St. Lukes
  • Mar 9 Doc Lawrence departs for US
  • Mar 12 Northridge School Recollection
  • Mar 19 CPE Summer Intensive in Baguio
  • Apr 14 Christian Counseling Seminar with Rudy French
  • Apr 18 Training lectures at CSBC youth camp
  • Apr 30 Graduation of CPE-Manila Batch
  • May 12 Graduation of CPE-Intensive (Baguio)
  • Jun 9 CPE Office dedication in Quezon City
  • Jul 16 Start of CPE-Manila new Batch
  • Jul 31 Rev. Aguirre resigns as Executive Director
  • Aug 18 CPE Orientation in Baguio
  • Sep 1 CPE-Baguio started (50)
  • Sep 1 CPO with CSBC-WMU started (8)
  • Sep 1 Brent Group Training (at Brent School, Baguio).
  • Sep 19 CPSP-PI BOT Meeting
  • Sep 28 Completion of Bukal Life Journal
  • Oct 6 Board of Trustees Meeting. Baguio City
  • Oct 20 Espineda Seminar at CPU, Iloilo
  • Oct 23 Espineda Seminar at PBTS
  • Oct 25 Espineda Seminar at UC Baguio
  • Oct 27 Espineda Seminar in Manila.

2011. Some Activities


  • Jan 4. Shepherd in Every Classroom training for teachers at Union School International
  • Feb 3. Recollection Retreat for High School students from CCDC, held at Mount St. Paul’s Retreat Center, La Trinidad
  • Feb 12. Parents Training at Immaculate Heart of Mary School, La Trinidad
  • Feb 23. Psychology of the Family Training, Bang-Ar group, Naguilian, La Union
  • Mar 4. Conflict/Confrontation Training, Psychology Group, University of Cordilleras
  • Mar 29. Basic Health & First Aid for Short-Term Missionaries. Asia Vision-STM, at PBTS
  • Mar 21 – May 28. CPE Batch 1. 23 students, 5 supervisors-in-training. Baguio.
  • Apr 20, 23. Inauguration of CPSP-Philippines, and Certification of Bukal Life as training center for CPSP.
  • May 9. Workshop for Special Needs Ministry, At PBTS
  • May 10-13. Workshop/Seminars at Calvary Baptist Elementary School
  • May 14. “The William & Viola Farrell Pastoral Care and Counseling Symposium.” Baguio City
  • May 21. Medical Mission, Irisan Dumpsite
  • May 31. Crisis Care Seminar. Dalicno, Itogon.
  • Jun 14. Parenting Seminar II. Immaculate Heart of Mary School
  • Jun 18. CPE Batch 2 started. 6 trainees. Baguio
  • Aug 6. CPE Batch 3 started. 17 trainees. Baguio/Manila. Start of Bukal Life-Manila.
  • Sep 3. Annual Board Meeting. Baguio
  • Sep 29. Family Day, AVRC-1. Dagupan.
  • Oct 20. Dinner For a Cause/1st Anniversary Celebration. CPE Batch 2 and 3A Graduation
  • Nov 7. CPE Information Meeting, PBTS, Baguio City.
  • Nov 12. CPE Graduation, Bukal Life-Manila
  • Nov. 12. University of the Cordilleras, Commerce Graduating Class. Seminar, Stress and Time management.
  • Nov. 14. CPO class start 1-4pm, Mid-City Christian Church. 17 Trainees
  • Nov. 14. CPE Batch 4A begins. 11 Trainees
  • Nov 28-29. CPO Training with Highlands Convention, UCCP, in Tabuk Kalinga. 25 Trainees
  • Dec 10. CPO class with UCCP, Highlands Convention
  • Dec 16. Christmas Party (Bukal Life-Baguio)
  • Dec 26-30. Disaster Response Crisis Intervention, Cagayan de Oro

Mediation Mini-Workshop

Date:              Saturday, February 22. 9am – 11:30am.279983_445972805443399_1745547751_o
Location:       Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. 19 Tacay Road, Baguio City
Topic:             Mediation
Facilitator:    Dr. Simplicio Dang-awan

Doc Sim presently heads “New Heights Coaching and Development Center.” He is a retired military chaplain and is former pastor of UCCP-Baguio. He has years of experience with conflict resolution and tribal war mediation. Space is limited.

Text 0933-302-0373 to reserve a seat.

Project Leyte- Bukal Life Care Team

Project Leyte was a partnership of various Baguio-based groups, including Philippine Nurses Association-Baguio, Philippine Guidance Counselors Association- Baguio, Zero Distance from the Philippines, Nightingale Builders, and Bukal Life Care.

Four members of Bukal Life Care joined. Three went to Isabel (Celia, Becky, and Cori) joined by a nurse, Mimi; while one (Ptr. Bart) joined the main contingent in Tanauan.

The Isabel team was invited by Pasar Foundation, to do stress debriefing with local students and teachers. We were hosted by Pasar and they were most gracious hosts. The team was able to provide debriefing for between 150 and 200, and individual pastoral care for a number of individuals. Isabel, Leyte is an area where there was a great deal of physical destruction and economic damage, but no loss of life.

The Tanauan team was working in partnership with DSWD- Regions 1 and 8. This area had major structural damage as well as loss of life. The team did debriefing work as well as a Medical Mission.

More photos are available on FB (in or FB group and page as well as on pages of our partners). But here a very few for you now.


Intentional Conversation Presentation

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”; title=”Intentional Conversation” target=”_blank”>Intentional Conversation</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Bob Munson</a></strong> </div>

CPE Summer

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) will start at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary through Bukal Life Care starting March 24, 2014 and continuing for 10-11 weeks. CPE was developed in the 1920s as a method to provide caring support to the mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of those in mental institutes, hospitals, and prisons. It has broadened its role to include care in the church/parish and community.

This is an intensive program of 400 hours of didactic, group work, and practical ministry.

This can be taken as a full CPE unit (400 hours) or half unit (200 – 240 hours).

Practical ministry will primarily be carried out in local hospitals and jails in greater Baguio City. Other venues, such as church/parish work is also possible.

For some, it may also be possible to take CPE for credit with Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary.

If interested or you have questions, you may contact us at

If you go to the forms section of, you can download our CPE brochure and CPE application. Otherwise, you may email us at and we can send you these items.


Disaster Response in Leyte.

Part of the Project Leyte team has already left. This includes Ptr. Bart from Bukal Life Care. The rest of our team (including Celia, Becky, and Cori) is leaving tonight. Thanks to groups in partnership with us (PNA-Baguio/Benguet, PGCA-Baguio/Benguet, Zero Distance from the Philippines, Nightingale Builders and DSWD-Regions 1, 8, and CAR). Thankful to the many sponsors. We would like to specially thank those who are helping our group specifically. These include

  • Virginia Baptist Disaster Response
  • PASAR Corp.
  • Analyn Caytap
  • Dr. Alicia Pangilinan
  • Monday Afternoon Club.

Most of Project Leyte will work in Tanauan, Leyte. However, most of the Bukal Life Care team will work in Isabel, Leyte, early in the week and join the others in Tanauan for the medical mission.