Crisis Defusing Webinar

We had a nice time partnering with “Bless Our Cops” in holding a webinar on Crisis Defusing. Celia led the lecture while Crista handled the technical issues. Celia, Vo, and Hyui led small groups for some questions, and to practice what was covered in the lecture portion. It was a good activity, we think. This was our first webinar and will look into doing more in the future.


10 Year Anniversary

October 16th, 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the formal launching event (October 16, 2010), held then at West Baguio Baptist Church. Technically, we first started to do ministry under the name Bukal Life Ministries for one year earlier (November 2009) and we incorporated in June, 2010. Regardless of what is our birthdate, it has been an exciting and challenging decade.

Due to quarantine we are not doing any special celebration.

But here is a little slideshow we did back in 2011.

January Updates

We have been very busy with many guests coming by for various reasons. Exciting times, but it is now time to get back into leading training.
1.  Regular Summer CPE starts March 16th. It will be supervised by Celia Munson (myself), as well as Dr. Paul Tabon. 11 weeks long
2.  Half Unit Summer CPE will start in April (exact date to be determined). It will be supervised by Jehny Pedazo. It will be approximately 6 weeks..
3.  CPO (Introduction to CPE). Starts this Monday (1pm-6pm) at Bukal Life Care Office. Lasts 6 weeks.

All of these program plan to have palliative care and disaster response sub-specialties incorporated into them. Both Intensive and half unit CPE are certified by CPSP-PHilippines (and CPSP).
4.  Disaster Response 4-day intensive. May 13-16. This is a partnership between PBTS, Bukal Life Care, and Virginia Baptist Disaster Response.

If you have any questions, text 0933-302-0373 or 0916-557-9549.

2013 Activities

Here are some of our activities over 2013.

January.  Pastoral Care Basics. Led by Celia Munson. At Serving Neighbors Network, Baguio City. Training. 2 days. 8 trainees

February.  ALS visitation and gift-giving at Crystal Cave, Baguio, (12 helped) and Mother and Children’s Health Outreach, San Isidro, Agoo (80 helped). Organized by Angie Gomez.

February 22-23  Life Care Training Led by Bob and Celia Munson. At Sefton Village, Santiago, Isabela. 1.5 days. 20 trainees.

March   AV-STM Member Care Training. Celia: Basic First Aid for STMers.

May. Missionary Member Care. Led by Robert Munson. (2-week Summer module). PBTS.11 trainees

May 23   Stress Management. Led by Dr. Sim Dang-Awan. Dept of Agriculture, Banaue.

May.  Missionary Member Care Trip to Cambodia. Jehny Pedazo. AG Team and AV-STM.

June 8  Crisis Care Training. Led by Celia Munson. At “The Hub” Student Center, La Trinidad. 1 evening. 7 trainees

June 13-14.  Disaster Response,Buguias, Benguet. 100 people. Training and Stress Defusing.

June 25. Formal Agreement with PBTS on partnering on ministry, facilities, and training.

July.   Loss and Grief seminar. Led by Celia. At Trinidad Baptist Church.

August.  Growth Groups. Led by Joyce Gray. August – October 2013. PBTS.6 trainees

September 26.   Solidarity for families and PWDs. AVRC Region 1. Led by Celia.

October 4.   Child Abuse. 1.5 hour lecture by Celia Munson at Benguet State.

November.  Disaster Response/NOVA training, PBTS, 4 hours, 25 trainees.

November.  Crisis Care/Child Traumatic Stress, AV-STM, 4 hours, 15 trainees. Led by Jehny.

November.   Disaster Response, Ormoc and Tacloban. Led by Dr. Nori Lacquian. Alexis joined. Relief work and defusing.

December.   Disaster Response, “Iloklan Team.” Numancia, Iloilo, and Baliguian, Concepcion, Iloilo. Defusing, Relief Goods, Training.

December. Disaster Response, Cebu and Ormoc. Stress Defusing, Training for ministry leaders in Cebu.

December.  Disaster Response, Bilar, Bohol. Relief goods, Defusing, and Training led by Bob, Celia, and Dr. Erlyn Santos.

December 27-28. “Project Leyte” Crisis Debrief/Defuse Training. Organized by PNA-Baguio/Benguet, PGCA-Baguio/Benguet, Zero Distance to the Philippines, and Bukal Life Care. Dec 27/28. Modules led by several including Celia and Jehny.



Upcoming Schedule September/October 2012

Okay. Things getting focused… finally.

SEP 1 (Saturday) CPO (Celia) and Brent School (Joyce)
SEP 3  (Monday) Start of CPE, batch Baguio 
SEP 5 (Wednesday) Staff meeting (11am)
SEP 9 (Sunday) TBC Grief and Loss training (Celia et al)
SEP 12-14.  PABATS meeting, Cebu (Doc Ryan)
SEP 25-27. AofG convention (NE), Aglipay, Quirino (Celia and Jehny)
OCT 2. Video conference with Barbara McGuire (Baguio staff)
OCT 6. BOT Annual Meeting
OCT 13-28. Missionary Member Care (Bob and Celia)
OCT 18-29. Dr. Espineda visit.

End of Year Activity List

Some Activities in 2011

Thanks to all who participated in making 2011 a great year of ministry and growth.

Jan 4    Shepherd in Every Classroom training for teachers at Union School International
Feb 3   Recollection Retreat for High School students from CCDC, held at Mount St. Paul’s Retreat Center, La Trinidad
Feb 12   Parents Training at Immaculate Heart of Mary School, La Trinidad
Feb 23 Psychology of the Family Training, Bang-Ar group, Naguilian, La Union
Mar 4     Conflict/Confrontation Training, Psychology Group, University of Cordilleras
Mar 29   Basic Health & First Aid for Short-Term Missionaries. Asia Vision-STM, at PBTS
Mar 21 – May 28 CPE Batch 1. 23 students, 5 supervisors-in-training. Baguio.
Apr 20, 23 Inauguration of CPSP-Philippines, and Certification of Bukal Life as training center for CPSP.
May 9    Workshop for Special Needs Ministry, At PBTS

May 10-13    Training at Calvary Baptist Elementary School
May 14    “The William & Viola Farrell Pastoral Care and Counseling Symposium.” Baguio City
May 21    Medical Mission, Irisan Dumpsite
May 31    Crisis Care Seminar. Dalicno, Itogon.
Jun 14    Parenting Seminar II. Immaculate Heart of Mary School
Jun 18    CPE Batch 2 started. 6 trainees. Baguio
Aug 6    CPE Batch 3 started. 17 trainees. Baguio/Manila. Start of Bukal Life-Manila.
Sep 3    Annual Board Meeting. Baguio
Sep 29   Family Day, AVRC-1. Dagupan.
Oct 20    Dinner For a Cause/1st Anniversary Celebration. CPE Batch 2 and 3A Graduation
Nov 7    CPE Information Meeting, PBTS, Baguio City.
Nov 12    CPE Graduation, Bukal Life-Manila
Nov 12    University of the Cordilleras, Commerce Graduating Class. Seminar, Stress and Time
Nov 14  CPO class start 1-4pm, Mid-City Christian Church. 17 Trainees
Nov 14    CPE Batch 4A begins. 11 Trainees
Nov 28-29   CPO Training with Highlands Convention, UCCP, in Tabuk Kalinga. 25 Trainees
Dec 10    CPO class with UCCP, Highlands Convention
Dec 16   Christmas Party (Bukal Life-Baguio and BOT)
Dec 26-30   Disaster Response Crisis Intervention, Cagayan de Oro

November Updates

Nov. 12: Bukal Life-Manila Formal Launching and CPE Batch 3B Graduation

Nov. 12: University of the Cordilleras, Commerce Graduating Class. Seminar, Stress and Time management.

Nov. 14: CPO class starts 1-4pm, Mid-City Christian Church

Nov. 14: CPE Batch 4A begins.

Nov. 28-29: UCCP Highlands Conference, Kalinga

Some Updates

==November 4. End of CPE Celebration for Batch 2 and 3A in La Union.
==November 12. Bukal Life-Manila Launching and Graduation for Batch 3B. Quezon City. Diocesan Center Episcopal Church. 9AM. Speaker. Rev. Joel Aguirre… Executive Director of Bukal Life Care & Counseling Center.
==December 17. Dental Mission, Santa Rosa, Nueva Viscaya.
==BBEG meetings Nov 4, Dec 1, Dec 8, and Feb 17.
==Additionally, CPE Batch 4 as well as CPO at PCM will begin in Mid-November. Partnering visit to Cagayan de Oro will also happen in the next few weeks.

Dinner for a Cause-A Serenade (Report)

What a great night we had. Approximately 120 people joined us at the Sangkabalayan Center at Baguio Cathedral for good food, good music, and good fellowship. Several provided music for this event.

UCCP Christian Couples Choir

1. UCCP (Baguio) Christian Couples Choir. They sang opening and closing songs as well as a primary presentation of 5 popular hymns/Christian songs.
2. Brevarian Singers. A trio of young ladies and guitarist that provided two country gospel songs.
3. Singing Priests. Several Catholic priests sang Christian songs that they have been performing together since seminary, including one song written by a classmate who (sadly) died too young.
4. Jeffrey Linang. Local seminarian and pastor who sang two songs, one to start and and one to end the main performances.

The evening ended with handing out certificates of completion for CPE batches 2 and 3A. Batch 3B (Manila) will have their graduation and certificates on November 12 in Manila.

We are thankful to them. We are also thankful to the Sangkabalayan Center for allowing us to use their facilities for free (and to Rev. Fr. German Legaspi in helping us with these arrangements).

We are also appreciative of all who gave generously of their time and money. The Dinner was to raise awareness and money for CPE scholarships for clergy and layleaders seeking to serve God through pastoral care and counseling. If you are interested in supporting some CPE students, please contact us at