Mid-May Updates for CPE

We are busy still with Clinical Pastoral Education. We have kept pretty active with CPE through the pandemic, but the lessening of the stranglehold of the malady has eased some of the challenges of late. Chaplains Vo and Lyn each are leading their groups.

Chaplain Vo with her CPE trainees

The next CPE group is expected to be a 6-week Half Unit CPE. It is expected to start the 3rd week in June.

Bob and Celia are returning back to Baguio after a year in the US. They are excited to get back to work face-to-face.

Two or three of our staff are hoping to go to Davao in August to meet Drs. Raymond Lawrence and Cal Sodoy for a CPE supervisor training. Dr. Lawrence is the General Secretary and founder of CPSP in the United States.

We are still working on collecting papers for our Bukal Life Journal. Publishing date is To Be Determined.


August Updates

We are in a bit of a lull right now. There may be a CPE group starting August 17, but that is uncertain (depending on whether some can really join who have expressed interest).

Of more certainty are the following:

  1.  September 14.  Basic Christian Counseling seminar will be led by Chaplain Vo Canoy in San Jacinto, Pangasinan.
  2. September 16.  We plan to begin a CPE Intensive program. It will be based at Pines Doctors Hospital in Baguio.
  3. October. We expect to start CPO as part of the 2nd semester at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. More info to follow.
  4. Late October. Hoping hold IPR (Inter-Personal Relations) training led by Dr. Cal Sodoy. Again, more info to follow.

CPE Schedule in 2019 (first half at least)

January     Finish of our two groups of CPE that started in October.

February     A well deserved break

March 11   Start of CPE Summer Full Unit Intensive

April  15    Start of CPE Summer Half Unit Intensive

May 20-ish    Completion of CPE Summer Intensive Units

May 27-ish   Beginning of CPE-Elder Care.  (Focus more on Elder and Palliative Care)


CPE Summer Intensive 2015 Graduation

May 29, 2015, we had our CPE graduation at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary


CPE Trainees Summer 2015

Teresita Acdol

Jestoni Aduca

Dennis P. Alida

John Mark M. Bagalan

Arturo C. Balagot

Edgar Chan

Dionelle John B. Cornate

Sr. Rufina Dubao

Meriam G. Dulay

Mariz S. Eustaquio

A. R. Fabiala

Corina Mariano

Lalaine C. Mirasol

Rebecca Ann S. Pesquera

German B. Ramboyong Jr

Serafina Tenenan

CPE Supervisors

Celia P. Munson

Dr. Paul C. Tabon

Jehny M. Pedazo

Ptr. Renato Eustaquio, a 2007 CPE graduation and senior pastor at Vineyard Christian Church in Bocaue, Bulacan, was our guest speaker. Each trainee also gave their theological integration from the CPE term. Dr. Paul Tabon gave the commissioning at the end of the main service.

This was also the first time that Dr. Paul Tabon and Ms. Jehny Pedazo served as CPE Supervisors (SITs) under CPSP-Philippines. Good job!!

Afterwards, we moved a few feet from Chapel B to the Bukal Life Care office for lunch fellowship. It was a great day. Congratulations to all who have stayed true to finish the course. We are excited to see what God has for each in the future.

DSC04998 DSC05008

Clinical Pastoral Education is provided by Bukal Life Care, in parnership with the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy (CPSP) and CPSP-Philippines. Our next CPE groups start in mid-June. Contact us at 0933-302-0373 or info@bukallife.org if you have any questions.

Completion of Clinical Pastoral Orientation


Congratulations to Keishon, Lalaine, Tess, and German in completing Clinical Pastoral Orientation. They are seated here on their final meeting with Celia (their instructor in the middle). CPO is a mini-CPE (about 1/4 of a full unit). It provides the structure and educational philosophy of CPE while set up to be more compatible with a Bible School or Seminary quarterly or tri-mestral program. For some, the program is enough to provide insight into pastoral care and into self, while for others, it provides a stepping stone to the regular Clinical Pastoral Education program.

Three of them will be starting Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) on March 16.

Update on CPE Program

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a program of pastoral care training that was developed in the 1920s and has become popular worldwide. It develops individuals to integrate their role as pastoral care persons (whether as clergy or laity) that combines standard small group lecture with group process, individual supervision, and practical (“hands-on”) ministry. The venue for practical ministry is typically in hospitals (serving as a chaplain intern), but may also be done in jails, hospices, churches, and other settings.

The CPE done at Bukal Life Care is certified by the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy (www.pastoralreport.com) and CPSP-Philippines (www.cpspp.org)

CPE is done in units.

  • Each unit consists of 400 hours, and takes (typically) about 11 weeks. The 400 hours consists of 300 hours of practical ministry and reflections, and 100 hours of formal training, group work and individual supervision.

  • A half unit consists of approximately 200 hours and takes (typically) about 6 weeks. The 200 hours is divided in a similar manner between practical ministry and other training modes.

Many religious and health institutions require, or at least recommend, that their workers have completed either half of a unit, or one full unit.

Cost Breakdown

  • Full Unit.

    • Supervisory Fee**             10,000 Php

    • Administrative Fee**            2,000 Php

    • Ministerial Support**           2,000 Php

                                          Total: 14,000 Php

  • Half Unit.

    • Supervisory Fee**              5,000 Php

    • Administrative Fee**          1,500 Php

    • Ministerial Support**          1,000 Php

                                                      Total: 7,500 Php

**Supervisory Fee covers the tuition and supervision cost for the trainees individual trainer/supervisor. Administrative fee covers cost of records, certificates, ID, snacks during training, and testing. Ministerial Support covers costs for onsite ministerial coverage, and outside trainers as needed.

NOTE 1: The amount charged does not cover transportation, food, or lodging of individuals

NOTE 2: Scholarship arrangements are sometimes available on a case by case basis. Need is the primary, but not only, criteria.


January Updates

We have been very busy with many guests coming by for various reasons. Exciting times, but it is now time to get back into leading training.
1.  Regular Summer CPE starts March 16th. It will be supervised by Celia Munson (myself), as well as Dr. Paul Tabon. 11 weeks long
2.  Half Unit Summer CPE will start in April (exact date to be determined). It will be supervised by Jehny Pedazo. It will be approximately 6 weeks..
3.  CPO (Introduction to CPE). Starts this Monday (1pm-6pm) at Bukal Life Care Office. Lasts 6 weeks.

All of these program plan to have palliative care and disaster response sub-specialties incorporated into them. Both Intensive and half unit CPE are certified by CPSP-PHilippines (and CPSP).
4.  Disaster Response 4-day intensive. May 13-16. This is a partnership between PBTS, Bukal Life Care, and Virginia Baptist Disaster Response.

If you have any questions, text 0933-302-0373 or 0916-557-9549.

December 2014 Updates

—January 5-7. Lide-Walker Conference. We will have our booth there… and we will have our grand open house of our new office. Hope to see you there.

—January 26. First day of Clinical Pastoral Orientation. Meets on Mondays for 6 weeks. 100 hours of practical ministry, formal didactic, group life interaction, and individual supervision. (May be taken by PBTS students for credit).

—March 23. First day of Clinical Pastoral Education (Summer Intensive). 11 weeks long. 400 hours for one full unit of CPE, 200 hours for half unit of CPE. Certified by CPSP and CPSP-Philippines. (May be taken by PBTS students for credit).

—May 13-16. Disaster Response Chaplaincy. 3 day intensive in principles of crisis response and team development for disaster. (May be taken for credit with PBTS).

If you have any questions, email us at bukallife@gmail.com... or call us at 0933-302-0373 or 0916-557-9549 or (074) 445-6344.

CPE Graduation, May 2014


The CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) Summer 2014 team. They completed 1/2-unit from late March to early May 2014. The team is from left to right: JM (on first unit), Alexis (advanced unit), Sr. Annette (on first unit), Celia (supervisor), Sr. Isabella (on first unit), Cori (advanced unit), and Rob (on first unit). Also thanks to Becky and Jehny in assisting the training.

Bukal Life Care is a CPSP-certified training center for Clinical Pastoral Education. Our next training starts on June 2nd, 2014. If you have any questions, contact us at 0933-302-0373, or email us at info@bukallife.org.