Update on CPE Program

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a program of pastoral care training that was developed in the 1920s and has become popular worldwide. It develops individuals to integrate their role as pastoral care persons (whether as clergy or laity) that combines standard small group lecture with group process, individual supervision, and practical (“hands-on”) ministry. The venue for practical ministry is typically in hospitals (serving as a chaplain intern), but may also be done in jails, hospices, churches, and other settings.

The CPE done at Bukal Life Care is certified by the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy (www.pastoralreport.com) and CPSP-Philippines (www.cpspp.org)

CPE is done in units.

  • Each unit consists of 400 hours, and takes (typically) about 11 weeks. The 400 hours consists of 300 hours of practical ministry and reflections, and 100 hours of formal training, group work and individual supervision.

  • A half unit consists of approximately 200 hours and takes (typically) about 6 weeks. The 200 hours is divided in a similar manner between practical ministry and other training modes.

Many religious and health institutions require, or at least recommend, that their workers have completed either half of a unit, or one full unit.

Cost Breakdown

  • Full Unit.

    • Supervisory Fee**             10,000 Php

    • Administrative Fee**            2,000 Php

    • Ministerial Support**           2,000 Php

                                          Total: 14,000 Php

  • Half Unit.

    • Supervisory Fee**              5,000 Php

    • Administrative Fee**          1,500 Php

    • Ministerial Support**          1,000 Php

                                                      Total: 7,500 Php

**Supervisory Fee covers the tuition and supervision cost for the trainees individual trainer/supervisor. Administrative fee covers cost of records, certificates, ID, snacks during training, and testing. Ministerial Support covers costs for onsite ministerial coverage, and outside trainers as needed.

NOTE 1: The amount charged does not cover transportation, food, or lodging of individuals

NOTE 2: Scholarship arrangements are sometimes available on a case by case basis. Need is the primary, but not only, criteria.



CPE Summer

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) will start at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary through Bukal Life Care starting March 24, 2014 and continuing for 10-11 weeks. CPE was developed in the 1920s as a method to provide caring support to the mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of those in mental institutes, hospitals, and prisons. It has broadened its role to include care in the church/parish and community.

This is an intensive program of 400 hours of didactic, group work, and practical ministry.

This can be taken as a full CPE unit (400 hours) or half unit (200 – 240 hours).

Practical ministry will primarily be carried out in local hospitals and jails in greater Baguio City. Other venues, such as church/parish work is also possible.

For some, it may also be possible to take CPE for credit with Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary.

If interested or you have questions, you may contact us at info@bukallife.org.

If you go to the forms section of http://www.bukallife.org, you can download our CPE brochure and CPE application. Otherwise, you may email us at info@bukallife.org and we can send you these items.


Some Key Dates

Thursday, May 23.  9am. “Stress Management” lecture with the Department of Agriculture. Led by Doc Sim.

Saturday, May 25.   CPE Outing. Celia’s Group

Friday, May 31.  CPE Summer Intensive Graduation (both Celia and Joyce’s groups). West Baguio Baptist Church, 9am.

Mid-June (circa June 14). Start of the next batch for CPE-Extended. Led by Joyce Gray. Contact info@bukallife.org for more information and steps to apply.

Mid-August.  Estimated date for CPE-Extended group led by Celia Munson.

Late-September.  Estimated date for CPSP – Southeast Asia Conference. in Quezon City.

Mid-January 2013.  Start of Clinical Pastoral Orientation (CPO) at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary


Other News?

  • CPE Chapel and Ministry Center Open House in late June (TBA)
  • Completion of Summer Institute “Missionary Member Care” Class, with 13 trainees from 5 nations.
  • Jehny has successfully arrived in her mission site for several months of ministry, including pastoral care and missionary member care.
  • June 5-7.  OSB Missions Conference, Mt. Carmel, Davao