February Updates

Several things are coming up. Here are just a few:

Feb 1st. Cooperative Meeting.

Feb 3rd. Student Retreat at St. Pauls, for High School Students at CCDC.

Feb 12th. Parents Meeting at IHMS, La Trinidad

Preparing for CPE that starts at the end of March. Also for Special Needs VBS during 2nd week of May, and (prayerfully) a major Pastoral Care Symposium also in mid-May.

That’s enough info for now.


January Updates

1. The FORM section on our main website (www.bukallife.org) is now working. It is, and will continue to be the repository for the latest forms and brochures for Bukal Life Care & Counseling Center.

2. Finished training, “Shepherd in Every Classroom” at Union School, led by Bob and Celia Munson. Approximately 20 teachers attended the one day training. Next week, our director, Rev. Joel Aguirre, and Celia Munson will again be joining Union School. This time to be speakers at the USI Spiritual Emphasis Week.

3. Also next week, will be doing psychometric testing at Immaculate Heart of Mary School in La Trinidad.

4. Looking forward to a busy busy busy 2011.