New CPE Batch (2013-5) starting soon

CPE Batch 2013-4 is ongoing with 4 trainees led by Celia.

CPE Batch 2013-5 will be starting later this year. Estimated date for start will be mid-November.

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Bukal LIfe Care & Counseling Center is a certified CPE training center of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP,


Persons with Disabilities and Family

Celia Munson, Training Coordinator and Pastoral Counselor with Bukal Life Care was invited to speak at “Area 1 Vocational Rehabilitation Center” (AVRC) for their Family Thanksgiving Celebration. The topic was on Unity/Solidarity of family and members with disabilities. The center presently has 57 trainees with sensory or physical disabilities. The center, operated by the Department of Social Welfare and Development, trains people with disabilities in numerous areas including tailoring, hairdressing, massage, computer, food service, and more.

Approximately 100 attended this event. We have worked with AVRC before and it was an honor to be invited again. Celia spoke on issues of family dynamics as well as a number of group activities to show the importance of healthy family cohesion and flexibility.



Honest Christianity – we can’t do this alone

Nice thoughts on important relationships based on:
Leonard Sweet. 11 indispensable relationships you can’t be without. Eastbourne: David Cook 2008.
P D Stanley, J R Clinton Connecting. Colorado Springs: Navpress 1992.

Marker Posts and Shelters

Northumberland-20120717-00309This is our 100th blog post, mere newcomers compared to many, but we are encouraged to get to this marker post still being enthusiastic about what we are doing! There was always the slight fear that it would become just one more thing on the to-do list. We thought and prayed about what to write about as well as whether or not we should mark 100. WordPress helpfully tells you what number post the lastest one has been – otherwise we would have no idea!

What we have decided to talk about is significant relationships which in part has been inspired by reading Stanley and Clinton’s book Connecting many, many years ago and more recently Leonard Sweet’s book, 11 indispensable relationships you can’t be without.

what had we done, what would be good to reflect about on this marker? We have gone for significant relationships. Last year, Paul, inspired by books…

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Late September (2013) Updates

Brief updates:
Sep 18. Staff meeting
Sep 26. AVRC Reg 1. Celia speaking. “Advancing Social Integration and Intergenerational Solidarity”
Sep 28. Parents Congress. Teacher’s Camp
Oct 2. BSU lecture led by Bukal on Child Abuse
Oct 25. Tentative Date for Farrell Symposium on Pastoral Care. QC

We will also have our annual board meeting in October.

September 2013 Updates

1.  Clinical Pastoral Education.  Batch 3 completed in mid-August, with 3 graduates. Batch 4 started on September 9th with 6 trainees. One is working on first unit, the others are working on 2nd or 3rd. Batch 5 (the final batch for 2013 is expected to start November or December.

2.  BOT meeting. October will be our annual board meeting. Actual date TBD.

3.  Farrell Symposium. The Annual Farrell Symposium is tentatively scheduled for October 25th at Philippine Children Medical Center in Quezon City. Speakers are expected to be Dr. Cesar Espineda and Chaplain Barbara McGuire.

4.  CPSP. Congratulations to Padi Pinit Caytap as the convener of the newest CPSP Chapter— Resurrection. That brings the number of chapters in the Philippines to 5. A 6th is in the process of being formed in Manila.

5.  Sunflower Children Center. In August we had a nice visit with Fr. Acosta and staff at Sunflower Children Center. They do a wonderful job in helping children in greater Baguio. 6 of our team were able to join a training on DSM-5 as it pertains to children. It was hosted by Sunflower. We look forward to continued opportunities to support each other.

That’s enough for now. But keep checking!