Persons with Disabilities and Family

Celia Munson, Training Coordinator and Pastoral Counselor with Bukal Life Care was invited to speak at “Area 1 Vocational Rehabilitation Center” (AVRC) for their Family Thanksgiving Celebration. The topic was on Unity/Solidarity of family and members with disabilities. The center presently has 57 trainees with sensory or physical disabilities. The center, operated by the Department of Social Welfare and Development, trains people with disabilities in numerous areas including tailoring, hairdressing, massage, computer, food service, and more.

Approximately 100 attended this event. We have worked with AVRC before and it was an honor to be invited again. Celia spoke on issues of family dynamics as well as a number of group activities to show the importance of healthy family cohesion and flexibility.




Family Thanksgiving, AVRC

Going to AVRC-1 (in Dagupan City) for Family Thanksgiving Day on September 29th. Celia, our training coordinator at Bukal Life, will be the guest speaker. AVRC is a DSWD center for training special needs adults. The event honors special needs adults training for jobs in the workforce, as well as their families.