Late June Updates

Our mid-June half-unit CPE is underway with 11 trainees divided between two supervisors. These are face-to-face. Another group should be starting up in July that is online.

This August an online CPO group will be held for 9 weeks.

We would also like to note that Dr. Paul Tabon of Global Community is leading a Community Chaplain training course in Baguio. He has 20 trainees in that group.


CPE June 2022

Two CPE groups, led by Chaplains Vo and Lyn, are finishing their Summer Intensive. This is a full unit completed in about 11 weeks. The planned final evals is June 17.

Two groups from Summer Intensive with supervisors ( 1 trainee missing)

CPE starts up a week later with two half-unit intensive groups. They will be led by Chaplains Celia and Vo. These will be face-to-face groups. Chaplain Lyn is planning an online CPE groups at this time as well.