Intentional Conversation Mini-Workshop


We recently started our Mini-Workshop series. It started last year with two trainings related to disaster response and stress defusing. This year we started with “Intentional Conversation” especialy focusing on the use of intentional conversation in gaining understanding and or seeking change in a relationship. DSC03924

We had 38 attendees with 1 hour of more standard lecture and an hour of group discussion and roleplay. Thanks to PBTS for giving us space to use for this training, as well as providing snacks for attendees.

We are looking into doing our next Mini-Workshop in February on the topic of “Mediation.”


Mini-Workshop Series Starting

In 2014, we plan to hold periodic (perhaps once or twice monthly) mini-workshops on various topics of pastoral care.

These will be held at the campus of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. Very small groups could be held at our office there. Larger groups will be at in classrooms.

Our fist one will be on the topic of “Intentional Conversation.” It will be on January 30th (Thursday) from 6pm to 8pm.

Clinical Pastoral Education– Summer Intensive

We will be starting our Summer Intensive CPE in March.

It will 10-11 weeks starting the last week in March.

We will be handling full unit and half unit (400 hours and 200 hours) trainees simultaneously.

Training will be held in Baguio City, Philippines, with practical work at Baguio General Hospital (with other hospitals and jails in the Baguio and La Trinidad area available as needed).

For questions, application, and comments, please email us at Applications should be sent in expeditiously so that evaluation interviews can be set up.


Our Latest E-Journal

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