CPE Philippines Program Updates

Based on the Staff Meeting held the 19th of May, 2012, the following programs within the Center for Clinical Pastoral Education and Psychotherapy apply:

A. Clinical Pastoral Orientation. This is a NOT a CPSP-certified program. It is designed as a preparatory program for CPE/T in a Bible School or Seminary. It is structured similar to a classic Intro to Counseling program but utilizing clinical practice and group process. The class is normally 8 weeks long (depending on the frequency of classes) and the nature of the school. The class includes 60 hours approximately of total time. About half of that group work/class. Other time is individual supervision, clinical practice, and personal work. The class size varies but should not go above 8 or 9 per supervisor/trainer. If the class size is bigger, multiple trainers can be utilized.

Cost:  P2500 per trainee. This does not include expenses that may come from the partnered training        school.  Tuition with Bukal Life, training materials, and ID are included in the P2500.

B.  CPE-Internship. This is NOT a CPSP-certified program. This is CPE designed to meet the requirements of seminaries for clinical pastoral education. Some schools require CPE but do not require a full internally-certified program. This provides a shorter and more economic program as an alternative. Typically, this program would be done in the Summer (March-May), at the same time as CPE-Intensive. It involves 8 weeks of training. The total number of hours is 300 hours, approximately 25% of that would be group time, the remaining 75% is individual supervision, personal work, and clinical practical training.

Cost:  P5000 per trainee. This does not include expenses that may come from the partnered training school. Tuition with Bukal Life, and training materials covered in the P5000. Additional costs like ID, uniform, travel, lodging, food, and retreats are not covered.

C.  CPE-Intensive. This is a CPSP-certified program. This is standard CPE/T program with 400 hours of training in 11 weeks. 100 hours is group training/work, and 300 hours is individual supervision, personal work, and clinical practical work. This is normally held during the Summer Months (March-May) but can be done at other times if there is a demand.

Cost:  P15,000 per trainee. <If CPE-Intensive is taken as a requirement for a seminary or school, other costs may be incurred with that institution.> P15,000 covers Bukal Life tuition, training materials, ID, uniform, and CPSP membership. Additional costs like travel, lodging, food, and retreats are not covered.

D.  CPE-Extended. This is a CPSP-certified program. This program is considered to be identical/exchangeable with CPE-intensive and is recognized equally by the CPSP (College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy). The difference is that the 400 hours of work is spread over 26 weeks (as opposed to 11 weeks). This is to accommodate professionals who have limited hours available per week for the training.

Cost:  Same as CPE-Intensive


CPE Graduation in Manila

CPE-Manila. Closing ceremony on Thursday, 17 May 2012, 3;30 PM at Conference room, of Bishop’s Office, ECP at St Lukes Hospital Compound, E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon CIty. Six will graduate, two finishing Unit I, and four finishing Unit II.

Those in Manila interested in the next batch in Manila (or Baguio or Cagayan de Oro) please contact us at info@bukallife.org.

Next CPE Batch in Baguio City

The next unit of CPE is planned to start in August in Baguio. One possibility is that we will have one or more group doing the

–26 week CPE-Extended, and/or
–12 week CPE-Standard Intensive

Both have the same requirements (including 400 hours of training and practical time). The extended version involves fewer hours per week but for a longer period. If you are interested, contact us at info@bukallife.org and also let us know if you are looking for extended or standard CPE.

CPE 2012 Summer Intensive Graduation

We had 16 graduates from our 2012 Summer Intensive in Baguio City. The Graduation and Celebration was held at Riverview Park in Asin, Tuba.

The graduates are:
Mung Ngaih Lian
Marie Alexis Mendoza
Isaac, Rumpearl Tenkings
Eunice Kay Molok
Reynante F. Boyles
Nicolo Allen Padilla
Corina S. Mariano
Bartolo L. Dela Cruz
Arnold Grey
Biak Lian Zam
Jennifer D. De Guzman
Irra T. Padong
Van Irene
Jessie L. Calixto
Do Khan Mang
Jane Gasilang

The group included members from 7 denominations, and 4 countries.

Special Congratulations goes to Bartolo (Bart) Dela Cruz. Ptr. Bart has finished his fourth unit, making him ready for formal review in October.

Our next CPE group (CPE-Extended) will begin in August in Baguio. More information to follow.

CPE Updates, May 2012

A.  The Manila group had the final evaluation on April 30, 2012 for CPE.

Completion of Unit Two –

Reverend Fr. Gorgonio Formoso Gepayo

Christopher Teng Chua

Victor S. Layug

Janice Patria J. Serafica
— Completion of Unit One

Reverend Fr. Leon P. Cadsap

Ms. Rose Sharon G. Yu

Congrats to all, including their supervisors Dr. Sim Dang-Awan and Sister Sofia Natama. The CPE Program in Manila has as its primary ministry and training site Philippine Children’s Medical Center, in Quezon City.

B.  The CPE Summer Intensive in Baguio is still going ongoing with two more weeks left. 17 trainees are working as three training groups and ministering at Baguio General Hospital, Benguet General Hospital, and Baguio Jail.

C.  We are continuing to move forward with setting up a CPE program in Cagayan de Oro. We are already accepting applications or CPE there and expect to have our first batch before the end of the year.

Bukal Life is a certified training center for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) by the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy (www.cpsp.org).