Upcoming Events. December 2014 and Beyond


This picture has some members of the Bukal Life staff at the AV-STM Dinner, December 5th. There were approximately 500 in attendance. We have a partnership with AV-STM (Asia Vision-Short Term Mission). It was founded in 2002 at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary by Dr. Byung-Yoon Kim. AV-STM has sent hundreds of Filipino and Asian missionaries on short-term missions throughout Southeast Asia and Central Asia. It has also supported some mid-term missionaries.

Bukal Life Care has been working in partnership with them over the last few years. We assist with initial evaluation of prospective missionaries, Some training in pastoral care and first aid. Additionally, our team has been able to do some in-field missionary member care, as well as post-trip member care.

AV-STM came out with a new calendar for 2015 with a considerable number of photos or our team and work. We appreciate that, and look forward to further partnership in 2015.

December 11-13.  Meeting with Dr. Raymond Lawarence, the General Secretary  of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy.

January 5-7, 2015.  Lide-Walker Conference… and Grand Opening of New Office of Bukal Life Care.

January 19.  Clinical Pastoral Orientation starts. 6 weeks.

March 23.  Clinical Pastoral Education.  11 weeks.

March (late). AV-STM Prefield Training.

May 13-16.  Disaster Response Chaplaincy Intensive Course.


Upcoming CPE Batches

Mid-June. Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) batch led by Joyce Gray. This will probably be a mixed group… some doing Intensive and some Extended (this depends somewhat on the negotiation between the trainees and training supervisor).

Mid-July. Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) batgch led by Celia Munson.
This will be an Extended, 18-week class. This will be a bit of an experiment for us, with all group work done on Saturdays. This is especially for those who work 5-days a week.

CPE Batch 1 2013

CPE Batch 1 2013

In all cases, full units are still 400 hours (300 hours ministry, 100 hours of group work and formal training). Training and ministry is done in Baguio City (Philippines) with various local hospitals and jails.

Contact us at info@bukallife.org if you are interested and wish to be given an application. You can also download an application at http://www.bukallife.org (under Forms).

Training is done certified by the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy.

It is advisable to apply early. Each batch is limited in size.

May Updates for CPE

Summer Intensive 2013 is winding down. We had 11 trainees. Graduation will be May 31st at West Baguio Baptist Church and 9am.

The next batch of CPE trainees is expected to start on June 14th. It will be led by Joyce Gray.

Another batch of CPE trainees is anticipated to start some time in July if there is a demand. It would be led by Celia Munson.

Bukal Life Care & Counseling Center is certified by the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy (CPSP). We are also a member of CPSP-Philippines. For more questions check out www.pastoralreport.com or www.cpspp.org.

Clinical Pastoral Education, Baguio City

Summer Session is coming. We have two CPE groups starting up in Baguio. One group will start on March 18th, 2013. A second group will start April 1st, 2013. The second group may (if available) join for some of the orientation of group one.

Contact us at info@bukallife.org, if you have any questions.


Next CPE Batch in Baguio City

The next unit of CPE is planned to start in August in Baguio. One possibility is that we will have one or more group doing the

–26 week CPE-Extended, and/or
–12 week CPE-Standard Intensive

Both have the same requirements (including 400 hours of training and practical time). The extended version involves fewer hours per week but for a longer period. If you are interested, contact us at info@bukallife.org and also let us know if you are looking for extended or standard CPE.

CPE News– November 2011

Here is a bit of an update:

1. 2011 Batch 3B (Our first Manila group of CPE students) graduated on November 12 with 11 completing their requirements. Congratulations to all!!

2. Our first CPO group began this Monday with 16 trainees here in Baguio.

3. 2011 Batch 4A CPE begins this next Monday (November 21) with three groups here in Baguio led by Becky, Ryan, and Joyce. Best wishes for all.

4. 2012 Batch 1B CPE (Manila) is expected to start some time in January. Stay tuned.

5. 2012 Batch 2A and 2C will begin in March. 2A is our normal Baguio CPE Intensive. 2C will (prayerfully) be our first CPE training group in Bacolod City. Doc Sim hopes to start this at West Negros University.

New Training Program Coming

We are getting ready to implement CPO (Clinical Pastoral Orientation). This is a preparatory training for CPE. 50 hours vice 400 hours, but utilizing the same basic formula as CPE. Useful for Bible schools that are unable to support a full CPE program but wish to help their students grow in interpersonal skills, self-understanding, and clinical pastoral care. Please contact us if you have any questions.