November Updates

We recently completed half units of CPE led by Dr. Paul Tabon and Celia Munson. There will be follow-on CPE work for a number of trainees.

On the 27th, we celebrated Pastoral Care Week with a pastoral care presentation. After that we joined together for food and fellowship.

November 5 we will have our annual board meeting.

November 23 we will have training led by Dr. Raymond Lawrence, General Secretary of CPSP. The training will be in Case Study and Reflection.

November 24-26 we will have other activities associated with CPSP-Philippines and Bukal with Dr. Lawrence. More info on this to follow.

Below are a few pictures from the last few days.

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Upcoming Events. December 2014 and Beyond


This picture has some members of the Bukal Life staff at the AV-STM Dinner, December 5th. There were approximately 500 in attendance. We have a partnership with AV-STM (Asia Vision-Short Term Mission). It was founded in 2002 at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary by Dr. Byung-Yoon Kim. AV-STM has sent hundreds of Filipino and Asian missionaries on short-term missions throughout Southeast Asia and Central Asia. It has also supported some mid-term missionaries.

Bukal Life Care has been working in partnership with them over the last few years. We assist with initial evaluation of prospective missionaries, Some training in pastoral care and first aid. Additionally, our team has been able to do some in-field missionary member care, as well as post-trip member care.

AV-STM came out with a new calendar for 2015 with a considerable number of photos or our team and work. We appreciate that, and look forward to further partnership in 2015.

December 11-13.  Meeting with Dr. Raymond Lawarence, the General Secretary  of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy.

January 5-7, 2015.  Lide-Walker Conference… and Grand Opening of New Office of Bukal Life Care.

January 19.  Clinical Pastoral Orientation starts. 6 weeks.

March 23.  Clinical Pastoral Education.  11 weeks.

March (late). AV-STM Prefield Training.

May 13-16.  Disaster Response Chaplaincy Intensive Course.

October 2014. (Recent) Past, Present, and Future

Recent Past.

1.  Bob and Celia just got back from a trip to Korea… working with “The Love C Center” in Ansan City. Celia led Disaster Response Chaplaincy Orientation training, while Bob taught Introduction to Missiology. Add to that speaking at a seminary and a military base, and visiting the Imperial palace grounds, it was quite a trip. We are working with some up there in expanding clinical pastoral care in Korea. The present CPE/T in Korea is limited to hospitals. Friday B

2.  Jehny and Becky attended the Parents Congress… in Baguio… a yearly partnership of the SLU Sunflower Children’s Center, and Child and Famly Services.


1. Cori, Becky, and Jehny are at the weeklong symposium  arranged by the Ruth Foundation in Alabang for Palliative Care, “Leadership for Hope”.


2.  Dr. Paul Tabon is still in Korea and will stay for a few more weeks to, among things, teach pastoral care for students at the SEE center there.


1.  October 17-19, the Pastoral Care conference at Linden Suites will be going on  with at least two from our staff attending… along with many friends of our group.

2.  December.   We are looking to have meetings and possible training seminars with Dr. Raymond Lawrence, general  secretary of CPSP. We are presently working on some partnership issues between CPSP-PI and CPSP. Hopefully, most of this can be worked out and formalized by then.

3.  January 19. Expected start of Half Unit of CPE in Baguio.

4.  Mar 23. Expected start of Summer Intensive full unit of CPE.

William & Viola Farrell Symposia, Oct 2012

This October we had our 2nd annual symposium on Pastoral Care & Counseling, led by Dr. Cesar Espineda. This year we decided to have several small seminars rather than one big seminar. Thus we had
-Central Philippines University, Iloilo.
-Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, Baguio City
-University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City
-Central Methodist Church, Manila
The groups ranged from 30-60 attendants.Additionally, Doc Cesar was able to meet with various chapters of the CPSP-Philippines. He was vital in getting these chapters jump-started. Exciting things are happening, and we are looking forward to this new chapter in pastoral supervision and chaplaincy in the Philippines.

Photos at the top:
Left: Dr. Espineda with Dr. Sim Dang-Awan, President of BOT of Bukal Life Care.
Middle: Seminar at CPU in Iloilo
Right: At Seminar in Baguio City.

“The William & Viola Farrell Pastoral Care and Counseling” Symposia 2012

Dr. Cesar G. Espineda will be joining us as main speaker for four seminars in three different cities in the month of October.

Oct 20 Central Philippines University (CPU, Iloilo) Symposium (8am-5pm), EMC Conference Room
“Soul Leadership: Maintaining Psycho-Spiritual Balance in Adverse and Diverse Cultural Settings”

Oct 23 Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (PBTS, Baguio City) mini-symposium (6pm-7:30pm), PBTS Chapel
“Marriage of Theology and Psychology”

Oct 25 University of the Cordilleras (UC, Baguio City) Symposium (8am-5pm), UC Auditorium
“Can You Hear Me Now?”
Ugnayan: Connectivity in Communication
-Clinical Pastoral Care Initial Assessment Tool: Diagnosis, Interventions, and Goals in Care

Oct 27 Manila Symposium (8am-11am). Central Methodist Church, T Kalaw St.
“Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE): An Overview”
Cost is P50. Since this is being done in conjunction with Methodist Pastor Monthly Meeting, the (small) charge is waived for Methodist pastors.>

If you have any questions, contact us at

Denominational? Non-denomination? Ecumenical? Interfaith?

We get a fair bit of confusion regarding who we are with respect to issues religious denomination and faith. Maybe this will help somewhat.

1. Bukal Life Care & Counseling Center is “Non-denominational.” That means that we, as a group, do not ascribe to a single denominational creed, nor require our members to be a member of a specific denomination.

2. Members of Bukal Life Care & Counseling Center (staff, supervisors, board members) are members of different denominations/churches and are expected to serve within their faith communities. Thus, members are expected to serve “Denominationally” within their church setting, but are expected to serve non-denominationally with Bukal Life.

3. Bukal Life Care & Counseling Center is also “Ecumenical.” This term has different meanings to different people. We understand the term to mean sharing in a common Christian faith. For us, we ensure this by requiring members of Bukal Life to concur with the Apostle’s Creed… an early historical encapsulation of the Christ faith.

4. The College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy (CPSP) and Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) are “Interfaith.” Interfaith means that the CPSP and CPE does not limit themselves to those of the Christian faith. Rather involvement as trainees within this group and program can occur regardless of their faith/creed/religion.

5. Bukal Life Care & Counseling Center, is a non-government organization (NGO) based in the Philippines. The College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP) is a separate organization based in the United States. CPSP-Philippines is a separate organization linked with the CPSP but based in the Philippines. Thus, these are three separate organizations. Bukal Life is connected with the CPSP and CPSP-Philippines through mutual agreements, but are legally independent.

Since Bukal Life is a training center for CPE as certified by the CPSP, we provide CPE training to all and do not discriminate based on the religious faith of the trainees. However, Bukal Life carries out other ministries within the context of non-denominational historic Christian faith.

Itinerary for Visit of Dr. Raymond Lawrence

Itinerary for Dr. Raymond Lawrence, General Secretary of the CPSP, while in the Philippines:
WEDNESDAY, 29 February 2012:
2335 H (11:35pm) – arrival at NAIA from USA
Lodge at Horeb Hotel, St Lukes’ Compound
THURSDAY, 01 March 2012:
0900 H – pick – up at Horeb Hotel for Tagaytay via Brent School in Las Pinas
FRIDAY, 02 March 2012:
1100 H – 1300 H – symposium: Phil Children Medical Center [PCMC], Quezon City
1800 H – Special Event With Dr. Sim & Co
SATURDAY, 03 March 2012:
0830 H – 1500 H: Peer review at ECP National Cathedral, Quezon City
SUNDAY, 04 March 2012:
0900 H: Guest preacher at ECP National Cathedral, SLMC Compound, Quezon City
MONDAY, 05 March 2012:
Symposium: ECP National Cathedral
TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY, 06-07 March 2012:
Central Philippines University Engagement, Ilo-Ilo
THURSDAY, 08 March 2012:
Flight back to Manila
FRIDAY, 09 March 2012:
1915 H [7:15pm] Departure for USA

More August Updates

A. Had an important staff meeting today. We are investigating our future role and priority in ministry. Should we be a training institution that provides care and guidance, or are we a care and guidance institution that provides training. Even though these sound the same, structurally there is a great difference. So we are presently investigating this.

B. Annual meeting on September 3rd, after the CPSP chapter meeting.

C. Have planned or have potential gatherings with several other groups in the next few weeks. These include One Sending Body (late August) in Cebu, KCPE (Late September) in Korea, PABATS (early September) in Davao, and CARTS (mid-August).