CPE Cost and Schedule

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Bukal Life Care and Counseling Center is normally held throughout the year. Normally, we have at least 3 units a year. The actual schedule varies based on need (having adequate number of trainees), and availability of supervisors). The length of the training also depends on the ability of the trainees (and supervisor) to work out their schedules. A full unit is 400 hours total time, while half unit is 200 hours total time. Therefore the normal intensive schedule for full unit is 11 weeks, and for half unit 6 weeks. However, extended trainings (up to about twice the intensive period).

But what about the cost? The normal coast is as follows:

Full unit: P20,000

Half unit: P12,000

CPO: P5,000

Note 1: Normal rates are… normal. That is, there are scholarships available on a case-by-case basis.

Note 2: This payment covers testing, ID, tuition, supervision, certificate graduation. .

Note 3: This payment does not cover lodging, food, travel costs, chaplain uniform (if a uniform is selected by the group). If trip is done by the group for R&R, special project, final eval, or other, there may be an additional cost. However, normally, such a trip would be based on decision of the trainee group.

Note 4: If there is a scholarship applied, then testing and ID may need to be paid by the trainee.