December Updates

A few items to pass on:

A.  CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education). Supervisor Celia’s group is nearing completion of their Half Unit. There are 7-trainees in this group. Supervisor Paul’s group is in the middle of their Full Unit. There area also 7-trainees in this group.

B.  Clinical Pastoral Orientation (CPO).  CPO is presently being held at Zamboanga Peninsula Medical Center by Chaplain Phanuel Buac. This is actually the 2nd class he has held this year with trainees. This batch is from October to December.

C.  Counseling Sites. In addition to our trainees serving in counseling in hospitals here in Baguio and Bulacan, we presently have two new teams at additional sites. Group #1 is led by Chaplain German, and it is held weekly at the Baguio Jail (BJMP). This group works in partnership with Prison Fellowship International-Philippines. Group #2 is led by Chaplain Celia. It is a partnership with several local churches and is running a weekly pilot program of intervention with individuals dealing drug use in Mines View Barangay.

D.   Lay Shepherding. We are presently working with another local church to start a lay shepherding program. This is an 8-12 hour intensive in basic pastoral care principles for church members. The exact schedule is yet to be determined.

E.  Upcoming Trainings and Visits. We are looking forward to a number of our partners visiting. In January, Dr. Ryan Clark, former Bukal Life Care member will be in Baguio to provide training in Pastoral Care. In February, Dr. Raymond Lawrence, GenSec of CPSP, is planning a visit to the Philippines, as well as two or three other Southeast Asian nations. In April, Dr. Doug Dickens, CPSP and ACPE Diplomate, will visit Baguio and lead two training courses, and a 3-day seminar. We look forward to gaining from all of these visits.



Four Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisors-in-Training (SIT) with CPSP-Philippines have, with the agreement of the General Secretary of CPSP, been promoted to “Diplomate in Supervision of Clinical Pastoral Education/Training” (Or “CPE Supervisor”). All four have been active in Clinical Pastoral Education as both trainees and SITs for years– two of them for decades. Of these four, three of them have a direct relationship with Bukal Life Care. The fourth, Dr. Cal Sodoy, a fellow colleague through CPSP-Philippines and head of Clinical Pastoral and Spiritual Care Training Center, we congratulate as well for this accomplishment.

The three are Ms. Celia Munson, Dr. Paul Tabon, and Dr. Sim Dang-Awan Jr.  Celia was a founding member of Bukal Life Care and CPSP-Philippines, and an SIT since 2011. Doc Paul, a founding member of CPSP-Philippines, presently serves as its Board President. Both Celia and Paul are now CPE supervisors with Bukal Life Care. Doc Sim is the founder of New Heights Coaching and Development Center, and is presently serving as the head chaplain at Mary Johnston Hospital in Manila. Doc Sim also is on the Board of Trustees of Bukal Life Care.


(From Left to Right:  Dr. Cal Sodoy, Dr. Sim Dang-Awan, Dr. Paul Tabon, Ms. Celia Munson)



Stuff for Sale

We do have a few items for sale at our office:

  1.  Book.  Nine Clinical Cases: The Soul of Pastoral Care and Counseling. by Raymond Lawrence. We have several copies of this book from Dr. Lawrence, General Secretary of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy. Cost:  P200.
  2. Book.  The Art of Pastoral Care. by Bob and Celia Munson. We also have several copies of this book, written by staff of Bukal Life Care.  Cost:  P200
  3. Shirts.  We have T-shirts available in lavender or orange with the Bukal Life Care logo on it. Cost: P150.

The normal online cost for the above books is about $9 or $10, so this is quite a savings. The shirts are unavailable online, but they are still a good savings regardless.


Training Visits

We recently enjoyed the visit of Dr. Raymond Lawrence, General Secretary of CPSP, to our headquarters in Baguio City, Philippines, as well as his work with our friends and partners at St. Andrews Theological Seminary in Manila, and Central Philippine University in Iloilo.

But we have others coming as well.

January 16-20, Dr. Ryan Clark, member of the Board of Trustees of CPSP-Philippines will be in Baguio for a short visit. He is coming at the invitation of our partner, Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary to teach a short course, “Intro to Pastoral Care and Counseling.” During his visit we will also have our Board of Trustees meeting of CPSP-Philippines.

April 10-28, Dr. Doug Dickens, Diplomate of CPSP, will be in the Philippines, Baguio and Manila to provide training. He will be teaching two modules at PBTS, tentatively “Pastoral Theology” and “Crisis Counseling.” He will also holding a seminar in pastoral care. More information to follow.