Stuff for Sale

We do have a few items for sale at our office:

  1.  Book.  Nine Clinical Cases: The Soul of Pastoral Care and Counseling. by Raymond Lawrence. We have several copies of this book from Dr. Lawrence, General Secretary of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy. Cost:  P200.
  2. Book.  The Art of Pastoral Care. by Bob and Celia Munson. We also have several copies of this book, written by staff of Bukal Life Care.  Cost:  P200
  3. Shirts.  We have T-shirts available in lavender or orange with the Bukal Life Care logo on it. Cost: P150.

The normal online cost for the above books is about $9 or $10, so this is quite a savings. The shirts are unavailable online, but they are still a good savings regardless.



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