One-Day Family Counseling Training

On the 23rd of February, our training team went to Naguilian, La Union. There were worked with Bang-Ar, a faith-based social ministry. We provided training in some topics of family counseling. Approximately 25 attended.

Rev. Joel Aguirre did an overview of the Psychology of the Family, followed by group work on Dysfunctional Families in the Bible. After this, Mrs. Tess Leones spoke on Responsible Parenting and Parenting Styles. In the afternoon, Dr. Sim Dang-Awan spoke on Understanding Alcoholism and the Alcoholic/Family.

It is our hope to broaden this in a two-day program with group counseling principles and practical workshop.


New Stuff Coming Up

In addition to the other things listed previously, here are some more:

A. March 4. 9am-12. Socialization Training (SYIS) at University of Cordilleras. This is for students and is being done under the UC Department of Psychology.

B. March 4. 5:30pm – 8. CPE Supervisor Orientation Meeting

C. March 29. 8am-12. Basic Health and First Aid for Short-term Missionaries. Held as part of the orientation and training of AV-STM mission interns.

D. April 18-21. National Clinical Supervisors Seminar. For CPE personnel working on their supervisory qualifications. Led by Dr. Raymond Lawrence, General Secretary of the College of Pastoral Service and Psychotherapy.

Parenting Seminar Completed

We had a great time doing a half-day seminar at Immaculate Heart of Mary School (IHMS) in La Trinidad. We spoke to approximately 100 parents and guardians of children at the school. Bob Munson provided a review of IQ testing and interpreting and utilizing the results. Mrs. Tess Leones provided a training seminar on Responsible Parenting and Parenting Styles. Ptr. Ricky, Celia, Jehny, and Alicia assisted with logistics, question and answer, and other aspects of the seminar.

We thank Sister Tomasa for inviting us and for the staff at IHMS for taking care of us and sharing a wonderful lunch with us.

The Powerpoint for the seminar on Responsible Parenting and Parenting Styles is available at

CCDC Recollection Report

We held a Values Training and Recollection Service for approximately 80 students from Cordillera Career Development College (1st, 2nd, and 3rd year high school students). It was held at the Mount Saint Paul Retreat Center in Pico, La Trinidad.

We had a great time, and hope the kids did as well. Our focus was on healthy relationships. We focused on healthy relationship with God, healthy relationship with self (along with self-understanding), and healthy relationship with others. In the afternoon we had the ecumenical service. This included some self-evaluation and some fun and games.

All of the students were very attentive and we hope and believe that all involved took something away from it that would help with their lives.

As a counseling center, we tend to focus on psycho-emotional issues. However, as a faith-based institution we also believe in a holistic understanding of the human condition. This means that we need to address the physical, emotional/values, spiritual, and mental components of the individual, and need to address other social units including, family, friends, and community. We appreciated the opportunity to integrate some of these ideas.