A Couple of Recent Photos

Joyce Leading CPE Introductory Seminar

Clinical Pastoral Orientation Class with Rev. Joel.



We have been getting some inquiries regarding residential counseling and care services. So as a point of clarification:

1. We do not have residential services. Our present services are limited to outpatient counseling in Baguio and Manila (and soon to add Bacolod). Questions regarding outpatient counseling sessions may be made to 0933-302-0373.

2. Additionally, we do chaplaincy services as part of our CPE and CPO programs at a number of places. These include (but are not limited to) hospitals (such as Benguet General Hospital, Baguio General Hospital, and Philippine Children’s Medical Center) and detention centers (such as Baguio City Jail).

3. We should note that we are in the VERY EARLY stages of discussion regarding setting up a Residential Counseling Center in the Baguio City area. However, it does not exist at this time and cannot promise when (or if) it will be done.

CPE News– November 2011

Here is a bit of an update:

1. 2011 Batch 3B (Our first Manila group of CPE students) graduated on November 12 with 11 completing their requirements. Congratulations to all!!

2. Our first CPO group began this Monday with 16 trainees here in Baguio.

3. 2011 Batch 4A CPE begins this next Monday (November 21) with three groups here in Baguio led by Becky, Ryan, and Joyce. Best wishes for all.

4. 2012 Batch 1B CPE (Manila) is expected to start some time in January. Stay tuned.

5. 2012 Batch 2A and 2C will begin in March. 2A is our normal Baguio CPE Intensive. 2C will (prayerfully) be our first CPE training group in Bacolod City. Doc Sim hopes to start this at West Negros University.

November Updates

Nov. 12: Bukal Life-Manila Formal Launching and CPE Batch 3B Graduation

Nov. 12: University of the Cordilleras, Commerce Graduating Class. Seminar, Stress and Time management.

Nov. 14: CPO class starts 1-4pm, Mid-City Christian Church

Nov. 14: CPE Batch 4A begins.

Nov. 28-29: UCCP Highlands Conference, Kalinga

Article on CPE and Disaster Response training

Please look at this link. It is an article suggesting that CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) is the best preparation for disaster response. This is opposed to the conventional wisdom of the 2-5 day crash training course.
Of course, since CPE is 400 hours of training per unit, it really should be more than a 30-40 hour total time course. Still, would love to hear your thoughts.