CPE News– November 2011

Here is a bit of an update:

1. 2011 Batch 3B (Our first Manila group of CPE students) graduated on November 12 with 11 completing their requirements. Congratulations to all!!

2. Our first CPO group began this Monday with 16 trainees here in Baguio.

3. 2011 Batch 4A CPE begins this next Monday (November 21) with three groups here in Baguio led by Becky, Ryan, and Joyce. Best wishes for all.

4. 2012 Batch 1B CPE (Manila) is expected to start some time in January. Stay tuned.

5. 2012 Batch 2A and 2C will begin in March. 2A is our normal Baguio CPE Intensive. 2C will (prayerfully) be our first CPE training group in Bacolod City. Doc Sim hopes to start this at West Negros University.


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