Family Thanksgiving, AVRC

Going to AVRC-1 (in Dagupan City) for Family Thanksgiving Day on September 29th. Celia, our training coordinator at Bukal Life, will be the guest speaker. AVRC is a DSWD center for training special needs adults. The event honors special needs adults training for jobs in the workforce, as well as their families.


Most Current Bukal Life Brochures

The following are most updated brochures. The CPE and Support Brochures are less than a month old. The Training and Overall brochures are about 6 months old, needing update… but still fairly up-to-date.

Overall Brochure:

CPE Brochure:

Training Brochure:

Support Brochure:

Annual Board Meeting Part 2. CPE Fees

During the Annual Board Meeting on September 3rd, the following was determined:

There is a need to set a standard fee for all CPE units.

The amount for the 10-12 week program is P15,000. This amount covers tuition and miscellaneous expenses for each of the CPE units: 1, 2, 3, and 4. Among the items it does not cover is food, lodging, and transportation expenses.

The reasons for this are as follows:

1. Previously, so many exceptions and inconsistencies were done with regard to the fees that even the supervisors were not sure of the actual costs.
2. The cost of running the CPE program in 2011 has so far been far higher than the receipts from students.
3. Scholarships were given when the money for the scholarships were not actually available.

With this in mind, the P15,000 fee for tuition and miscellaneous expenses will be consistently applied except where scholarship money is in hand, the trainee is seen to qualify, and the formal approval is given.

Bukal Life Annual Board Meeting Summary (Sep 2011)

On September 3rd, at Villa Cordillera, Bukal Life Care & Counseling Center held its Annual Board of Director’s Meeting. Dr. Sim Dang-Awan, presided.

A. Rev. Joel Aguirre, provided the Directors Report for March-August 2011. A few of the highlights:

  • Summer Intensive Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE 2011 Batch 1) 23 trainees, 5 supervisors
  • Regular Intensive CPE (CPE 2011 Batches 2 and 3). 23 trainees, 5 groups (2 in Baguio and 3 in Manila)
  • Supervisor’s continuous professional education (training through CPSP diplomates): 7 supervisors being trained by 7 diplomates.
  • Training seminars, consultation, advocacy:

-March: BANG-AR Naguilian. Basics of Lay Pastoral Care & Counseling
-April: University of Cordilleras, Conflict Management
-June: Mountain Light AG Church), Crisis Intervention Seminar
-July: School of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Parenting Seminar

<Additionally, held joint pastoral care symposium with CPSP in May>


  • Nationwide Expansion of BLCCC. Looking into new branches in Dagupan, Visayas (Western Negros), and Mindanao (CDO). Still in exploratory stage.
  • Financial Report. Cost of CPE and lack of a set policy for charges and scholarships, necessitate standardization.

B. Manual. Bob Munson, Administrator, provided preliminary copies of the Operation and Policies Manual. Board and staff are encouraged to review the policy more fully and provide comments and updates to the Administrator by the end of September. Primary review in the meeting was the proposed organizational restructuring. The board agreed, in principle, to the organizational structure. The office of the director provides day-to-day oversight of the Bukal Life. Bukal Life Centers provide ministry services in their geographic area. Between these are Ministry support made up of four departments: Administration, Budget & Finance, Education & Training, and Professional Services.

C. Additional Matters

  • The board expressed thanks to Delrio Jamandre, CPE 2011 Batch 1 graduate for designing and donating a mechanical seal for Bukal Life.
  • Business card design was shown and approved (with modification) for staff of Bukal Life, as well as a general corporate card.
  • Discussion of some upcoming events including October Symposium (delayed to November or December), October fund-raising dinner, Bukal Life-Manila Launching in November, PABATS Conference, and KCPE trip.
  • Financial viability of Bukal Life was discussed. While Bukal Life is considered by the board and staff to be a ministry, it needs to be financially self-sustaining. Therefore, the board needs to investigate ways of self-funding, and receiving adequate donations.