KABSAT Partnership

On Monday, May 1, 2023, KABSAT, a holistic ministry organization based in Baguio City, held its first anniversary celebration. As a major partner of KABSAT, we have been working with them in counseling patients at Baguio General Hospital Cancer Center. We are thankful to KABSAT for the group’s focus on caring for the needy in Baguio.

They are working on a Website, but for now, you can learn more about them through their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083621520346


Summer Intensive and Beyond


The Wednesday after Easter, Bob and Celia led training “Conflict in the Field” with Asia Vision-Short Term Missions. This is part of their prefield training before their two month mission trip into Asia.

Thursday was the first day of our CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education). CPE lasts for 10-11 weeks. We have 8 trainees this time. So far, it looks like it is going to be a great, but busy, Summer. We meet as a group Thursdays and Fridays for 11 weeks.

Other events:

May 2nd.  Monthly “Minister Heartlink” Planning meeting.

July 4-15.  Minster Heartlink CPO Intensive. training.

September.  CPE Extended

October 4-10.  Heartlink Project in Mindanao



A Fond Farewell

On May 29th, after our CPE Graduation, we held a commissioning and farewell celebration to a long-time staff member of Bukal Life Care, Jehny Pedazo. Jehny has been part of Bukal Life Care since March of 2010, only 4 months after we semi-organized, and well before we formally organized. She has been a counselor, trainer, and leader within our organization, as well as a cofounder of CPSP-Philippines.

She will be departing to learn, work, and serve in another country. She plans to remain on the boards of both Bukal Life Care and CPSP-Philippines.  We wish her God’s richest blessings in this new chapter of her life.


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Year in Review

 From Typhoon Yolanda to Our New Office.

NOV 13-14. Disaster Response Training. PBTS (25 trainees approx.)

NOV 15. BOT Meeting, Cafe Will.

NOV 16-20.  Tacloban Rescue Trip  (Partnering with Montecastos)

NOV 17-24. Ormoc/Tacloban DR Trip #1 (PBTS/Bukal partnering) Alexis

NOV 18. Disaster Response Training. AV-STM (15 trainees)

NOV 25-30. Iloklan Disaster DR Trip. (6)

DEC 2-9. Cebu/Ormoc DR Trip. (10)

DEC 17-19. Bohol DR Trip. (Bob, Celia, Joel)

DEC 27-28. Project Leyte. Crisis Defusing/Debriefing Training (PNA, PGCA, Zero Distance, Nightingale Builders) (Celia, Jehny, Cori, Bart)

JAN 13-20. ACCE Addiction Training (Prof. Dev.) (Celia, Jehny, Sera)

JAN 30. Intentional Conversation Mini-Workshop (38 trainees approx.)

JAN 30 – FEB 10. DR Trip to Tanauan and Isabel, Leyte. Project Leyte. (Celia, Becky, Cori, Bart)

FEB 20. AV-STM Partnership meeting

FEB 21. Intentional Converstion Training. SNN. (20 trainees)

FEB 22. Mediation Training. (25 trainees)

FEB 25-MAR 10 History of Pastoral Care (Prof. Dev.) (Celia)

MAR 12. PMHA Training (Prof. Dev.) (6)

MAR ______ PNA Trip to Samar (Cori)

MAR 20 – APR 9. Bohol/Visayas DR Mission Trip (Alexis)

MAR 24. First Aid and Baggage Cart Training. AV-STM. (22 trainees approx.)

MAR 26. Start of CPE Summer Intensive (6 trainees) Half Unit.

MAR 30 – APR 2. CPSP Plenary. (Celia)

MAR 31. Intro to Historical/Clinical Pastoral Care (12 trainees)

MAY 26 – JUN 4. Tacloban/Iloilo Disaster Response/Rehab/DVBS

MAY 7-9 Life Coaching Training (Prof. Dev.) (Becky, Joel)

JUN 2 – JUL CPO (6 trainees)

JUN 19. Models of PC and Christian Counseling. (25 trainees)

JUL 15. PGCA Quarterly Training (Prof. Dev.) (Celia, Becky, Alexis)

JUL 18. Special Education Training (Prof. Dev.)

JUL 22. Pastoral Diagnosis training. (18 trainees approx.)

AUG 28. Baggage Cart training. (13 trainees approx.)

AUG 31 – SEP 1. Visioning Weekend. (13 trainees approx.)

SEP 18. Healing the Shame that Binds You Training (12 trainees approx.)

SEP 20. Shepherding Seminar (Prof. Dev)

OCT 4 – 13/28. Korea Pastoral Care Trip. Training several groups. Pastoral Care, Disaster Response, Missiology

OCT 11. Parenting Congress. (Prof. Dev.)

OCT 14-18. Ruth Foundation Palliative Care Training (Prof. Dev.) (Cori, Jehny, Becky)

OCT 16. Children’s Counseling Training (Prof. Dev.) (Alexis)

OCT 17-19. Ambassadors of Hope Workshop/ CPSP. (Prof. Dev.) (Celia, Becky)

NOV 15  BOT Meeting

NOV 18-20.  LCSBC Convention

NOV 23-25.  Move into our new Office!!!

Shirts and Stuff






DSC04466 DSC04464


The above pictures were taken at our office. We have set up a small table in front of our office for the LCSBC Convention going on at the seminary. We are selling sukang watwat (P65 per bottle) and t-shirts (P175 each). The slight profit should help us with minor office expenses, but the main reason for our booth is promote and connect.

October 2014. (Recent) Past, Present, and Future

Recent Past.

1.  Bob and Celia just got back from a trip to Korea… working with “The Love C Center” in Ansan City. Celia led Disaster Response Chaplaincy Orientation training, while Bob taught Introduction to Missiology. Add to that speaking at a seminary and a military base, and visiting the Imperial palace grounds, it was quite a trip. We are working with some up there in expanding clinical pastoral care in Korea. The present CPE/T in Korea is limited to hospitals. Friday B

2.  Jehny and Becky attended the Parents Congress… in Baguio… a yearly partnership of the SLU Sunflower Children’s Center, and Child and Famly Services.


1. Cori, Becky, and Jehny are at the weeklong symposium  arranged by the Ruth Foundation in Alabang for Palliative Care, “Leadership for Hope”.


2.  Dr. Paul Tabon is still in Korea and will stay for a few more weeks to, among things, teach pastoral care for students at the SEE center there.


1.  October 17-19, the Pastoral Care conference at Linden Suites will be going on  with at least two from our staff attending… along with many friends of our group.

2.  December.   We are looking to have meetings and possible training seminars with Dr. Raymond Lawrence, general  secretary of CPSP. We are presently working on some partnership issues between CPSP-PI and CPSP. Hopefully, most of this can be worked out and formalized by then.

3.  January 19. Expected start of Half Unit of CPE in Baguio.

4.  Mar 23. Expected start of Summer Intensive full unit of CPE.

Bukal Life Care Team in Korea

We were invited by Dr. Yohan Lee to join him at his place “The Love C Center”… a diaspora ministry in Ansan City. Bob and Celia Munson and Dr. Paul Tabon make up the Bukal Life Care team. The three of us are part of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, and. along with Dr. Yohan, are part of CPSP-Philippines. So this is a multiple level ministry trip.

We have been pretty busy. We arrived Saturday, October 4th, and were given well-needed time to rest.

SUNDAY MORNING.  We went to a Diaspora church (church for internationals… especially Filipinos living in Korea) in Suyu… a beautiful forested and mountainous area on the edge of Metropolitan Seoul. Bob preached, while Celia and Doc Paul gave testimonies. After that we had a great meal with our hosts for the day, Ptr. Jimmy and wife Marivic.

DSC04304                               L/R:  Ptr. Jimmy, Bob, Doc Paul, Celia, Marivic

SUNDAY EVENING.  I (Bob) taught a class of international students of the center in “Introduction to Missiology” as part of an SEE course with PBTS.  Will continue the presentations next Sunday.

DSC04309                                              Celia leading training. Dr. Lee translating

MONDAY MORNING/AFTERNOON. Celia led a Seminar in “Disaster Response Chaplaincy.” Dr. Lee interpreted. This training was for Korean ministry workers. The 2nd half of the training will be on next Monday, shortly before we return to the Philippines. Celia will lead training sessions for an English-speaking group of ministers Wednesday and Friday.

TUESDAY AFTERNOON.  We traveled to Yaeil Theological Seminary. Bob was a guest speaker at the invitation of Dr. Joshua Lee, professor of Missions and Spiritual formation there. The topic was “Beautifully Broken: Metaphors for  Spiritual Brokenness and Renewal.” Dr. Lee translated again.

At Yaeil Theological Seminary. Bob as guest lecturer


TUESDAY EVENING.  We went to a traditional Korean restaurant and had a wonderful wonderful meal. It is Dr. Lee’s birthday so we were very happy to treat him. Now that we are back at the center, Celia, Doc Paul, and Doc Lee are having a CPSP-Philippines Baguio Chapter meeting.

We have been invited by Chaplain Eugene to visit and speak at a Korean Military hospital. We look forward to the opportunity on Thursday.

Bob and Celia will return on the 13th, while Doc Paul will stay and continue to work with Doc Lee on training in Pastoral Care.