Disaster Response

Bukal Life Care was originally founded in 2009 in response to the Typhoon Pepeng (in the Cordilleras) and Tropical Storm (in Pampanga). Since then, we have been involved in numerous responses over the years, including Cagayan de Oro and Benguet. Most recently, we have been involved in Disaster Response/Crisis care in response to the earthquake in Bohol, and Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in Leyte, Cebu, and Iloilo.

An Article on Disaster Response Chaplaincy is HERE.

Our team is trained in several methods of crisis response, which we utilize individually or in an integrated fashion, depending on the specific circumstances. Among these are  NOVA (individual or group crisis response,  CISD/CISM, PFA, and Psychosocial Processing. Additionally, members have been trained in play, art, and story therapy for children.

We have a graduated training program for volunteers, chaplains and team leaders/trainers.

DR Training Program

             Disaster Response Training of Trainers      P2,500

             Disaster Response Chaplain                                P2,500

             Disaster Response Volunteer Orientation     P300

Our primary service is crisis care and stress defusion. However, we also lead training in disaster/crisis response, and we have helped in doing medical missions, Vacation Bible School, helps ministry, and community development support.

The following (as of October 2012 are those certified through Bukal Life Care for DR Chaplain (Level C), DR Team Leader, and DR Trainer:

DR Chaplain (With Practicum #1)

Dr. Paul Tabon                     Fhey Coyoy                       Ptr. Ysrael Coyoy

Anjie Gomez                         Fr. German Ledesma     Joel Munson

Dr. Bob Munson                  Padi Pinit Caytap             Serafina Tenenan

Ptr. Arnold Arquillano   Rosa Arquillano

D.      Disaster Response Team Leader

Rebecca Taylor                   Alexis Mendoza                Cori Mariano

Alma Villacarlos                Rev. Joel Aguirre             Dr. Ryan Clark

Dr. Nori Lacquian              Ptr. Bart dela Cruz

E.     Disaster Response Trainer

Celia Munson                       Jehny Pedazo



A20140203_161327bohol 1

Bukal CDO

Chaplain Benton leading training at CARTS

Chaplain Benton leading training at CARTS


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