February 2019.  Update

We are asked whether we can do formal psychological testing.

YES, we can do formal psychological testing.

Until recently our answer was NO.  Formal psychological testing services in the Philippines is handled by counseling centers that are covered by Republic Act #9258.  We are a pastoral counseling center so we don’t fit within this category.

However, we are presently working with Ms. Serafina Tenenan, RPsy, RGC. She is able to oversee formal psychological tests and one-on-one evaluations.

She can oversee tests and hold evaluation at our center. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


We also use a lot of tests that do not fit under the umbrella of formal psychological testing. Some of these include evaluation in terms of family and personal relationships, stress, burnout, leadership, and team membership (among others). We can assist in these tests and evaluation as well. These, however, are for self-understanding and growth, not for formal psychological evaluation.