Resource Materials

  1.  Dynamics in Pastoral Counseling and Training. Front Art The book was written by Bob and Celia Munson, at Bukal Life Care. This is the follow-on to The Art of Pastoral Care. It is used for master’s level pastoral care course and advanced CPE courses.  The book is available on Amazon Here.
  2.  The Art of Pastoral Care:  The book was written art-of-pastoral-care-coverby Bob and Celia Munson, here at Bukal Life Care. It is primarily for those taking a course in Clinical Pastoral Orientation (CPO) or Introduction to Pastoral Care (although others might fine it valuable as well). They are presently working on a follow-on to this book, entitled “The Dynamics of Pastoral Care.” The Art of Pastoral Care is available on Amazon HERE.
  3. Slideshow Presentations. A number of them are available on Slideshare. They can be found both HERE. and THERE
  4. Journals: We have written a couple of Journals.                  Volume 1 (2012)              Volume 2 (2013)
  5. Papers