Photos from One Sending Body Missions Conference

Photos from our team at the OSB Conference in Cebu, . Photos include Pastor Arnold and Rose Arquillano, Celia Munson, Ptr. Joel Aguirre, and others in discussion about setting up Bukal Life-Dagupan.

Some events coming up

‎–August 19. CARTS Honorary Service (Bukal Life is one recipient)
–August 26-28. Several members attending OSB conference in Cebu City.
–September 3 (am). CPSP-Baguio/Benguet meeting in Baguio
–September 3 (pm). Bukal BOD meeting
–September 7-10. PABATS annual conference
–September 17. AVRC-1 Special Needs Family Counseling Project
–Sept 29- Oct 1. KCPE conference in Seoul, Korea.
–October 1. Dinner for a Cause: A Serenade, Baguio.
–Oct 2-. Visit of Dr. Espineda

Hope to be having a counseling symposium in the first week of October.


More August Updates

A. Had an important staff meeting today. We are investigating our future role and priority in ministry. Should we be a training institution that provides care and guidance, or are we a care and guidance institution that provides training. Even though these sound the same, structurally there is a great difference. So we are presently investigating this.

B. Annual meeting on September 3rd, after the CPSP chapter meeting.

C. Have planned or have potential gatherings with several other groups in the next few weeks. These include One Sending Body (late August) in Cebu, KCPE (Late September) in Korea, PABATS (early September) in Davao, and CARTS (mid-August).

CPE New Batch 2011

CPE 2011 Batch 3A (Baguio) and Batch 3B (Manila) began this last weekend. The Baguio group has 3 trainees presently, while the Manila group has 4. Both groups may have 1 or 2 added soon. Combining these with Batch 2 CPE Accelerated that is on-going, we are presently having the largest number of CPE trainees at any time outside of our Normal CPE Intensive season (March-May).

Please support the trainees in prayer as they learn through ministering to those in need.