Some events coming up

‎–August 19. CARTS Honorary Service (Bukal Life is one recipient)
–August 26-28. Several members attending OSB conference in Cebu City.
–September 3 (am). CPSP-Baguio/Benguet meeting in Baguio
–September 3 (pm). Bukal BOD meeting
–September 7-10. PABATS annual conference
–September 17. AVRC-1 Special Needs Family Counseling Project
–Sept 29- Oct 1. KCPE conference in Seoul, Korea.
–October 1. Dinner for a Cause: A Serenade, Baguio.
–Oct 2-. Visit of Dr. Espineda

Hope to be having a counseling symposium in the first week of October.


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