Bukal Life Care Membership

Greetings. The Board of Trustees of Bukal Life Care & Training Center has set up a membership roll for people directly (in directly) connected to us (and I suppose for those that want to have some connection with us). There is no cost for membership. It is, however, expressing a desire to grow in “pastoral care” and “pastoral counseling.” We hope to be able to grow together, and utilize each others’ strengths for mutual edification. If you are interested, attached is the membership form. Just fill it out and email to info@bukallife.org. Or you can send it to my personal email address bob2046@yahoo.com. Or you can print it off and give it to one of our staff. We are flexible.

To get the form, click on THIS FORM


Organizational Change

We had our Board of Trustees meeting on Oct 6th. It was a good meeting with considerable discussion. Some changes will be reported down the line. However, our first major change is related to our name.

We are formally changing our name from Bukal Life Care & Counseling Center to Bukal Life Care & Training Center.

There are two major reasons for this. First, the Philippines has changed the law in an attempt to regulate the use of the terms “counseling,” “counselor,” and “counseling center.” Although we have internationally certified counselors and Philippine registered counselors, it seems preferable to avoid the terms generally. Second, we want to change our name to be more in line with our main areas of ministry. These are:

LIFE CARE:  pastoral care, life coaching, social ministry, member care, social ministry,       and

TRAINING:  training in Clinical Pastoral Education/Training, Crisis Chaplaincy, pastoral care, parenting, and other seminars.

In the next few weeks we will be changing our work to be in line with the new name and mission.