Most Current Bukal Life Brochures

The following are most updated brochures. The CPE and Support Brochures are less than a month old. The Training and Overall brochures are about 6 months old, needing update… but still fairly up-to-date.

Overall Brochure:

CPE Brochure:

Training Brochure:

Support Brochure:


Brochure Updates

Have placed updates of two of our brochures on the web. the two are:

Guidance and Testing (Rev C)

CPE (Rev C)

The can be found at:

Three more are on the way. These are:

Training (Rev. C). Brochure done. Put on the web soon.

Counseling Services (Rev. C). Brochure 70% complete.

Bukal Life Care & Counseling Center (Rev. C). Haven’t started the update yet.