Itinerary for Visit of Dr. Raymond Lawrence

Itinerary for Dr. Raymond Lawrence, General Secretary of the CPSP, while in the Philippines:
WEDNESDAY, 29 February 2012:
2335 H (11:35pm) – arrival at NAIA from USA
Lodge at Horeb Hotel, St Lukes’ Compound
THURSDAY, 01 March 2012:
0900 H – pick – up at Horeb Hotel for Tagaytay via Brent School in Las Pinas
FRIDAY, 02 March 2012:
1100 H – 1300 H – symposium: Phil Children Medical Center [PCMC], Quezon City
1800 H – Special Event With Dr. Sim & Co
SATURDAY, 03 March 2012:
0830 H – 1500 H: Peer review at ECP National Cathedral, Quezon City
SUNDAY, 04 March 2012:
0900 H: Guest preacher at ECP National Cathedral, SLMC Compound, Quezon City
MONDAY, 05 March 2012:
Symposium: ECP National Cathedral
TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY, 06-07 March 2012:
Central Philippines University Engagement, Ilo-Ilo
THURSDAY, 08 March 2012:
Flight back to Manila
FRIDAY, 09 March 2012:
1915 H [7:15pm] Departure for USA


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