William & Viola Farrell Symposia, Oct 2012

This October we had our 2nd annual symposium on Pastoral Care & Counseling, led by Dr. Cesar Espineda. This year we decided to have several small seminars rather than one big seminar. Thus we had
-Central Philippines University, Iloilo.
-Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, Baguio City
-University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City
-Central Methodist Church, Manila
The groups ranged from 30-60 attendants.Additionally, Doc Cesar was able to meet with various chapters of the CPSP-Philippines. He was vital in getting these chapters jump-started. Exciting things are happening, and we are looking forward to this new chapter in pastoral supervision and chaplaincy in the Philippines.

Photos at the top:
Left: Dr. Espineda with Dr. Sim Dang-Awan, President of BOT of Bukal Life Care.
Middle: Seminar at CPU in Iloilo
Right: At Seminar in Baguio City.


“The William & Viola Farrell Pastoral Care and Counseling” Symposia 2012

Dr. Cesar G. Espineda will be joining us as main speaker for four seminars in three different cities in the month of October.

Oct 20 Central Philippines University (CPU, Iloilo) Symposium (8am-5pm), EMC Conference Room
“Soul Leadership: Maintaining Psycho-Spiritual Balance in Adverse and Diverse Cultural Settings”

Oct 23 Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (PBTS, Baguio City) mini-symposium (6pm-7:30pm), PBTS Chapel
“Marriage of Theology and Psychology”

Oct 25 University of the Cordilleras (UC, Baguio City) Symposium (8am-5pm), UC Auditorium
“Can You Hear Me Now?”
Ugnayan: Connectivity in Communication
-Clinical Pastoral Care Initial Assessment Tool: Diagnosis, Interventions, and Goals in Care

Oct 27 Manila Symposium (8am-11am). Central Methodist Church, T Kalaw St.
“Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE): An Overview”
Cost is P50. Since this is being done in conjunction with Methodist Pastor Monthly Meeting, the (small) charge is waived for Methodist pastors.>

If you have any questions, contact us at info@bukallife.org