Completion of Clinical Pastoral Orientation


Congratulations to Keishon, Lalaine, Tess, and German in completing Clinical Pastoral Orientation. They are seated here on their final meeting with Celia (their instructor in the middle). CPO is a mini-CPE (about 1/4 of a full unit). It provides the structure and educational philosophy of CPE while set up to be more compatible with a Bible School or Seminary quarterly or tri-mestral program. For some, the program is enough to provide insight into pastoral care and into self, while for others, it provides a stepping stone to the regular Clinical Pastoral Education program.

Three of them will be starting Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) on March 16.


December Updates

Disaster Response for Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) is in full swing. The first mission trip organized by Bukal Life Care just finished with work in Kalibo, Aklan, and Baliguian Island, Iloilo. Rice, roof sheeting, vitamins, and other relief goods were provided. Additionally, community assessment, crisis care, and art therapy were provided. This team consisted of Angie, Ptr. Ysrael, Fhey, Joylene, Lea, and Raymark.

Our latest team, consisting of 10 members, have just arrived in Cebu City, with various crisis care and training activities planned in Cebu and Ormoc Cities over the next week. This team consists of Celia, Jehny, Becky, Ptr. Arnold, Rose, Padi Pinit, Bonniebe, Mildred, Aldrin, and Serafina.

The newest CPE group started, led by Joyce. The trainees are Padi Pinit, Glenda, Noel, Corito, and Marie.

CPO (Clinical Pastoral Orientation) will start in January 2014. May also have a new batch of CPE at this time as well.

Baliguian Island

Baliguian Island

Baliguian Island

Baliguian Island

Traveling to Mission Site

Traveling to Mission Site

Team in Kalibo

Team in Kalibo

Harvest Church in Kalibo

Harvest Church in Kalibo

November Updates

Here are a few updates for the upcoming weeks.

1.  November 7.          Dental and Eye Mission. Bagulin, La Union.

2.  November 8-9.      Global Leadership Summit-Manila

3.  November 11-12.    Final Evals, CPE Batch 2013-4    <Celia’s Group>

3.  November 15.       Board of Trustees Annual Meeting

4.  <Mid-November>    CPE Batch 2013-5  <Joyce’s Group>

5.  January 21.                Clinical Pastoral Orientation (8 weeks) begins

6.  March 24.                  CPE Summer Intensive begins


Other News

A.  We will begin our monthly training mini-workshops in December.  These will be 1.5 to 2.5 hour evening workshops with focus on pastoral skills. These we anticipate will normally be held at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary.

B.  Congratulations to Becky Taylor as she assumes the role of Office Manager for our ministry office at PBTS.

C.  Looking to have a refresher training in Disaster Response Crisis Care Training in the next few months.

Some Key Dates

Thursday, May 23.  9am. “Stress Management” lecture with the Department of Agriculture. Led by Doc Sim.

Saturday, May 25.   CPE Outing. Celia’s Group

Friday, May 31.  CPE Summer Intensive Graduation (both Celia and Joyce’s groups). West Baguio Baptist Church, 9am.

Mid-June (circa June 14). Start of the next batch for CPE-Extended. Led by Joyce Gray. Contact for more information and steps to apply.

Mid-August.  Estimated date for CPE-Extended group led by Celia Munson.

Late-September.  Estimated date for CPSP – Southeast Asia Conference. in Quezon City.

Mid-January 2013.  Start of Clinical Pastoral Orientation (CPO) at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary


Other News?

  • CPE Chapel and Ministry Center Open House in late June (TBA)
  • Completion of Summer Institute “Missionary Member Care” Class, with 13 trainees from 5 nations.
  • Jehny has successfully arrived in her mission site for several months of ministry, including pastoral care and missionary member care.
  • June 5-7.  OSB Missions Conference, Mt. Carmel, Davao

Clinical Pastoral Orientation. What and Why

Clinical Pastoral Orientation (CPO) is a training program we have been using to teach pastoral care skills within the Bible School setting. It is designed to fit into the curriculum of a standard Bible School course, both in length and effort. Yet it has characteristics that are different than a normal Bible school course. Differences include:

1.  Follows the training philosophy of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) but involves approximately 60hrs of real time instead of 400hrs.

2.  Utilizes small group interaction and 1-on-1 supervision.

3.  Utilizes hospital or parish pastoral counseling with case study method.

Why is this useful?  Here are a few possible reasons:

  • Provides a better training platform for pastoral care than the standard lecture-based system.
  • Gives a taste of what CPE entails to help the trainee determine whether to move forward in this direction.
  • The system (with properly trained supervisors) provides a healthy environment for mentoring and self-understanding.

So can anyone set up CPO in their own Bible School?  Theoretically, yes. However, we recommend that trainers/supervisors are properly trained in CPE. We recommend that a trainer/supervisor is at least certifed as an Associate Clinical Chaplain (CPSP system of certification), although higher would be recommended.

Can CPO be done outside of the Bible School/Seminary setting?  Absolutely. It is true, however, that it is a challenge. The requirements require a commitment that can be challenging outside of a formal academic setting.

Is CPO a certified program? No. As the program is incorporated into a Bible School or seminary, the school provides the accreditation. We at Bukal Life Care set standards for school programs that work with us. These standards are based on the standards set for CPSP-certified CPE (and our standards for teaching/supervising CPO is based on CPSP certifications). By doing this, the transition from CPO to CPSP-certified CPE is normal.

We (and partners of ours involved in CPSP) have led CPO at Philippine College of Ministries, and Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, and locations in Manila. The version that we presently recommend was developed by Dr. Ryan Clark at PBTS based on lessons learned from previous programs.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Manigong Bagong Taon (Happy New Years!!)

I always get nervous about putting a schedule down, because it seems like as soon as we put a schedule down… something changes. Nevertheless, planning Christian Life and Self-care seminar in Isabela province February 22 and 23. The training with SNN is postponed. Half-unit CPE begins in Baguio January 8th. CPO starts January 14th, and we are now accepting applications for CPE full unit starting in March 2013. Happy New Years!!

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Some Other Recent Activities

Photos include Celia leading training in Ministry to the Grieving at Trinidad Baptist Church, Celia with 5 of 8 CPO trainees at PBTS, and Chit and Tootsie at the monthly chaplains meeting at Philippine Children’s Medical Center (Quezon City).

CPE Philippines Program Updates

Based on the Staff Meeting held the 19th of May, 2012, the following programs within the Center for Clinical Pastoral Education and Psychotherapy apply:

A. Clinical Pastoral Orientation. This is a NOT a CPSP-certified program. It is designed as a preparatory program for CPE/T in a Bible School or Seminary. It is structured similar to a classic Intro to Counseling program but utilizing clinical practice and group process. The class is normally 8 weeks long (depending on the frequency of classes) and the nature of the school. The class includes 60 hours approximately of total time. About half of that group work/class. Other time is individual supervision, clinical practice, and personal work. The class size varies but should not go above 8 or 9 per supervisor/trainer. If the class size is bigger, multiple trainers can be utilized.

Cost:  P2500 per trainee. This does not include expenses that may come from the partnered training        school.  Tuition with Bukal Life, training materials, and ID are included in the P2500.

B.  CPE-Internship. This is NOT a CPSP-certified program. This is CPE designed to meet the requirements of seminaries for clinical pastoral education. Some schools require CPE but do not require a full internally-certified program. This provides a shorter and more economic program as an alternative. Typically, this program would be done in the Summer (March-May), at the same time as CPE-Intensive. It involves 8 weeks of training. The total number of hours is 300 hours, approximately 25% of that would be group time, the remaining 75% is individual supervision, personal work, and clinical practical training.

Cost:  P5000 per trainee. This does not include expenses that may come from the partnered training school. Tuition with Bukal Life, and training materials covered in the P5000. Additional costs like ID, uniform, travel, lodging, food, and retreats are not covered.

C.  CPE-Intensive. This is a CPSP-certified program. This is standard CPE/T program with 400 hours of training in 11 weeks. 100 hours is group training/work, and 300 hours is individual supervision, personal work, and clinical practical work. This is normally held during the Summer Months (March-May) but can be done at other times if there is a demand.

Cost:  P15,000 per trainee. <If CPE-Intensive is taken as a requirement for a seminary or school, other costs may be incurred with that institution.> P15,000 covers Bukal Life tuition, training materials, ID, uniform, and CPSP membership. Additional costs like travel, lodging, food, and retreats are not covered.

D.  CPE-Extended. This is a CPSP-certified program. This program is considered to be identical/exchangeable with CPE-intensive and is recognized equally by the CPSP (College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy). The difference is that the 400 hours of work is spread over 26 weeks (as opposed to 11 weeks). This is to accommodate professionals who have limited hours available per week for the training.

Cost:  Same as CPE-Intensive

December Pastoral Care Updates

CPE and CPO are ongoing.

CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) Extended in Baguio is presently in its 4th week. We have a total of 11 trainees with three supervisors.

CPE-Manila is hoping to start up again in January with a new batch. The center for ministry is the Philippine Children’s Medical Center.

CPO (Clinical Pastoral Orientation) is in its 5th week as a partnership with the Philippine College of Ministry in Baguio City. 17 trainees.

CPO is also being held periodically in Kalinga as part of a partnership with the UCCP

Our CPE-Intensive will start in late March, but we are accepting applications already. (Go to the forms page and download the Application Form. You may also want to download the Financial Aid Form).