November Updates

Here are a few updates for the upcoming weeks.

1.  November 7.          Dental and Eye Mission. Bagulin, La Union.

2.  November 8-9.      Global Leadership Summit-Manila

3.  November 11-12.    Final Evals, CPE Batch 2013-4    <Celia’s Group>

3.  November 15.       Board of Trustees Annual Meeting

4.  <Mid-November>    CPE Batch 2013-5  <Joyce’s Group>

5.  January 21.                Clinical Pastoral Orientation (8 weeks) begins

6.  March 24.                  CPE Summer Intensive begins


Other News

A.  We will begin our monthly training mini-workshops in December.  These will be 1.5 to 2.5 hour evening workshops with focus on pastoral skills. These we anticipate will normally be held at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary.

B.  Congratulations to Becky Taylor as she assumes the role of Office Manager for our ministry office at PBTS.

C.  Looking to have a refresher training in Disaster Response Crisis Care Training in the next few months.


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