CPE Graduation, May 2014


The CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) Summer 2014 team. They completed 1/2-unit from late March to early May 2014. The team is from left to right: JM (on first unit), Alexis (advanced unit), Sr. Annette (on first unit), Celia (supervisor), Sr. Isabella (on first unit), Cori (advanced unit), and Rob (on first unit). Also thanks to Becky and Jehny in assisting the training.

Bukal Life Care is a CPSP-certified training center for Clinical Pastoral Education. Our next training starts on June 2nd, 2014. If you have any questions, contact us at 0933-302-0373, or email us at info@bukallife.org.



Clinical Pastoral Education– Summer Intensive

We will be starting our Summer Intensive CPE in March.

It will 10-11 weeks starting the last week in March.

We will be handling full unit and half unit (400 hours and 200 hours) trainees simultaneously.

Training will be held in Baguio City, Philippines, with practical work at Baguio General Hospital (with other hospitals and jails in the Baguio and La Trinidad area available as needed).

For questions, application, and comments, please email us at info@bukallife.org. Applications should be sent in expeditiously so that evaluation interviews can be set up.


Upcoming CPE Batches

We have two CPE batches that will soon be starting up.

A.  Mid-June (approximately June 14). CPE batCPE Graduation 2012 Group bch is planned to start supervised/facilitated by Ms. Joyce Gray. The exact schedule and length is negotiable between supervisor and trainees.

B.  Mid-July (exact date to be determined). CPE batach is planned to start supervised/facilitated by Ms. Celia Munson. The tentative plan is that group meetings will be on Saturdays for a duration of approximately 18 weeks.

For more info, contact us at info@bukallife.org.

CPE Summer Intensive and Orientation

CPE Summer Intensive begins on March 18, 2013.

New Trainees for Summer Intensive will join us for CPE orientation.

Location:   Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (Tacay Road, Baguio City)

Date/Time:  Monday, March 18, 9am

For those interested in Summer Intensive, but have not yet been accepted, please contact us at info@bukallife.org and we will help you through the process.

If you are just curious about CPE, you can certainly join us.


CPE Philippines Program Updates

Based on the Staff Meeting held the 19th of May, 2012, the following programs within the Center for Clinical Pastoral Education and Psychotherapy apply:

A. Clinical Pastoral Orientation. This is a NOT a CPSP-certified program. It is designed as a preparatory program for CPE/T in a Bible School or Seminary. It is structured similar to a classic Intro to Counseling program but utilizing clinical practice and group process. The class is normally 8 weeks long (depending on the frequency of classes) and the nature of the school. The class includes 60 hours approximately of total time. About half of that group work/class. Other time is individual supervision, clinical practice, and personal work. The class size varies but should not go above 8 or 9 per supervisor/trainer. If the class size is bigger, multiple trainers can be utilized.

Cost:  P2500 per trainee. This does not include expenses that may come from the partnered training        school.  Tuition with Bukal Life, training materials, and ID are included in the P2500.

B.  CPE-Internship. This is NOT a CPSP-certified program. This is CPE designed to meet the requirements of seminaries for clinical pastoral education. Some schools require CPE but do not require a full internally-certified program. This provides a shorter and more economic program as an alternative. Typically, this program would be done in the Summer (March-May), at the same time as CPE-Intensive. It involves 8 weeks of training. The total number of hours is 300 hours, approximately 25% of that would be group time, the remaining 75% is individual supervision, personal work, and clinical practical training.

Cost:  P5000 per trainee. This does not include expenses that may come from the partnered training school. Tuition with Bukal Life, and training materials covered in the P5000. Additional costs like ID, uniform, travel, lodging, food, and retreats are not covered.

C.  CPE-Intensive. This is a CPSP-certified program. This is standard CPE/T program with 400 hours of training in 11 weeks. 100 hours is group training/work, and 300 hours is individual supervision, personal work, and clinical practical work. This is normally held during the Summer Months (March-May) but can be done at other times if there is a demand.

Cost:  P15,000 per trainee. <If CPE-Intensive is taken as a requirement for a seminary or school, other costs may be incurred with that institution.> P15,000 covers Bukal Life tuition, training materials, ID, uniform, and CPSP membership. Additional costs like travel, lodging, food, and retreats are not covered.

D.  CPE-Extended. This is a CPSP-certified program. This program is considered to be identical/exchangeable with CPE-intensive and is recognized equally by the CPSP (College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy). The difference is that the 400 hours of work is spread over 26 weeks (as opposed to 11 weeks). This is to accommodate professionals who have limited hours available per week for the training.

Cost:  Same as CPE-Intensive

October 2011 Updates

1. The latest version of our CPE brochure is at
2. Our Dinner for a Cause has been moved to October 20th, 6pm at the Sangkabalayan Center (Baguio). Contact us if you have any questions.
3. Graduation of the Manila CPE Batch 3 groups is on November 12. Details to follow.
4. CPO is coming. Clinical Pastoral Orientation (preparatory course to CPE) will be started at Philippine College of Ministry (Baguio City) starting this November. This will be the first time we have done this course, and perhaps the first time this course has been done in the Philippines. This is a matter of both excitement and prayer.
5. CPE batch 3A (Baguio) is about to graduate. Planning to have a graduation outing to La Union with batch 2 (who has already finished) during the first week of November. More to follow here as well.

Upcoming CPE trainings

The following is the tentative schedule for Clinical Pastoral Education over the next 12 months:

A. CPE 2011 Batch 2 June 18 – Sep 10. Baguio City

B. CPE 2011 Batch 3 (A/B) Aug 6 – Oct 29. Baguio (A) and Manila (B)

C. CPE 2011 Batch 4 (A/B) Nov 12 – Feb 11 (break from Dec 18 – Jan 6) Baguio (A) and Manila (B).

D. CPE 2012 Batch 1 Mar 19 – Jun 2. Baguio City

Application in the Forms section of website (www.bukallife.org) must be filled out and subsequent interview and testing required before admittance to the program. Contact us at info@bukallife.org if you have any questions.